20 Years Ago Today: MTV’s The Real World Star Pedro Zamora Died

20 years ago today, Pedro Zamora (star of MTV’s The Real World San Francisco) died.

Zamora broke new ground as the first openly HIV positive person on television. Zamora also shared his commitment ceremony to boyfriend Sean Sasser with the world, a television history first.

He died of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, a rare brain disease that affected many with AIDS.

Gone too soon; his impact on the world still felt today.

Real World’s Joey Kovar dead at 29

TMZ is reporting that Joey Kovar — the troubled “Real World” star who appeared on “Celebrity Rehab
— was found dead at a friend’s home near Chicago this morning … and
family members believe drugs are to blame.
Kovar was 29 years old.

According to TMZ  Joey was discovered by a female friend early this
morning who noticed blood coming out of Joey’s ears and nose.

The woman called 911 … and authorities rushed to the scene where he was pronounced dead.

Sad to hear this. He was an attractive young man who had a lot of life ahead of him.  Last year he posed for a successful photo shoot for Playgirl.  Very sad.

Joey Kovar of MTVs The Real World takes it off for Playgirl

Joey Kovar, who appeared on “Celebrity Rehab 3” and the Hollywood edition of MTV’s long-running reality series ‘The Real World,’ has taken it all off for Playgirl and claims he’s hotter than the guys on Jersey Shore.

Apparently his online profile from ‘The Real World’ has been viewed 68 million times.

Kovar is also taking jabs at his ‘Jersey Shore’ rivals by claiming to be the hottest Italiano. “I’m more muscular than them, I’m tanner than them,” he says. “The Jersey Shore‘ guys have nothing on me.”

Kovar was allegedly paid $20,000 to bare all. The issue of Playgirl with Kovar’s pictures will be available September 13, but check out a few advance pics from the shoot below.