Ben Platt On ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Film + More News

Tony Award winner Ben Platt recently broke his silence regarding the reactions to the critically-panned 2021 film version of Dear Evan Hansen
Tony Award winner Ben Platt (image via official Facebook)

Some news items you might have missed:

New York Times: Tony Award winner Ben Platt on the reactions to the critically-panned 2021 film version of Dear Evan Hansen – “It was definitely a disappointing experience, and difficult, and it definitely opened my eyes to the internet and how horrific it can be…I find that Twitter is almost exclusively for tearing people down…It’s been really nice to be away.” Continue reading “Ben Platt On ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Film + More News”

Out Music: Tegan And Sara ‘Make You Mine This Season’

Check out the new single from out pop duo Tegan and Sara, “Make You Mine This Season,” featured on the upcoming soundtrack for the Hulu Original romantic comedy, Happiest Season.

According to the film’s official synopsis, “A young woman plans to propose marriage to her girlfriend while attending her family’s annual holiday party. At the party, she realizes her girlfriend hasn’t come out to her conservative parents yet.”

The TV movie, which stars Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Victor Garber, and Mary Steenburgen, debuts exclusively in the U.S. on Hulu on November 25th.

Tegan and Sara’s euphoric, upbeat synthpop track sounds like a perfect fit for a queer holiday rom-com.

You’re the only girl I’ve got on my list
I’ll write your name, I know it’s foolish
But I chase the feeling ‘cus you keep me dreaming
That I could make you mine this season

“For all types of families, music matters more during the holidays than any other time of year,” says soundtrack producer Justin Tranter. “To be given the honor to help create a holiday soundtrack that everyone can enjoy but celebrates LGBTQ talent is an actual dream come true for me! There are LGBTQ artists and/or songwriters on every original song.”

Podcast: The Best Of LGBTQ Entertainment In 2016

Tune in as I share my “Top 5” lists of the best in LGBTQ music, film, theater and more from the year that was 2016.

• Top 5 songs from out musicians Ty Herndon, David Hernandez, Jeb Havens, Halsey and Tegan & Sara

• Top 5 LGBT themed movies: Moonlight, Retake, Other People, First Girl I Loved and King Kobra

• Highlights from Broadway including The Color Purple, Falsettos and Dear Evan Hansen

All that and much more. Hit the play button and enjoy!

Out Music: Tegan And Sara “Boyfriend”

Tegan and Sara, Canada’s identical lesbian pop duo, drop this single from their upcoming new album Love You To Death.

The song’s lyrics, “Boyfriend,” evolved from a real-life dating situation Sara had experienced.

From the Billboard review:

The track’s a stadium-shaking hand-clapper from the twin duo’s forthcoming album, Love You to Death. Sara Quin spoke to DJ Matt Wilkinson about the song, explaining the story behind the song: Quin was stuck in a love triangle with a woman who hadn’t dated another woman before and was still seeing a man at the same time.

“I think that’s pretty relatable,” Quin said of the song. “Obviously, being gay, there’s sort of a bit of a gender twist in the song and I get that that sometimes doesn’t seem immediately relatable to everybody, whether they’re straight or whatever. But this idea, you know, that we’ve all been in that situation where we really like someone and we want to make it official and they’re not ready, that’s what the song is about.”

I’m liking the 80s vibe of the electro-pop groove. Fun 🙂

The single is available now, and the full album drops June 3rd. Check it out on iTunes.