Anti-Gay Street Preachers Descend On New Orleans To Disrupt Southern Decadence

File this under the category of “Christian kindness” – Anti-gay preacher Ruben Israel and his klan showed up in New Orleans last weekend to irritate, interrupt and disrupt the annual Southern Decadence event.

Clip recap:

“This Mini Documentary was filmed in New Orleans La. at the Southern Decadence Homo Fest.

“The LGBT Community is a Depraved and Perverted Community that Must be Resisted and Destroyed

“Ruben Israel exposes the true condition of the LGBT community.”

Among the assorted taunts shouted at the SD attendees, “You are evil.” “You are sin.” “You hate God.” “You sold your country for the Devil.” “You sold your country for entertainment.”

And, well, you get the picture.

Now, where are all these folks during Mardi Gras when the party is five times bigger?

Oh, yeah. That’s a heterosexual kinda thing. Mardi Gras gets a pass.

(h/t JMG)