Right-Wing Nut Alex Jones Has Melt-Down Thinking About Hillary Presidency

Right wing nut-job Alex Jones had an almost full-on meltdown about Hillary Clinton’s official launch event in NYC.

Describing Hillary as a “cult leader” who is using mind-control techniques to trick and manipulate voters, Jones faked some sobbing and threatened to leave the country.

The problem is – why don’t these folks ever follow through on those threats?

“God, she’s going to be president,” he said. I can’t even look at it.”

Right-Wing Pundits Stoke Ebola Hysteria

It’s incredible the wild, conspiracy theories the right-wing wackos are spreading.

Many are saying things like “President Obama WANTS Ebola to spread in the US because slavery…?”


Strange. I don’t recall when thousands of Americans were dying of AIDS in the 1980s all this right-wing, conservative concern.

Reagan ignored the issue of AIDS spreading across the country until over 20,000 Americans died. As of today, there have been (sadly) one death from Ebola in America.

Where was the outrage then? Where was the concern?

Oh. Right. The gays…

“Latte Salute” Scandal Dominates Right Wing News as Airstrikes Continue in Syria

From Right Wing Watch:

Pat Robertson took on the right-wing media’s made-up scandal about President Obama’s “latte salute,” which he somehow managed to connect with this week’s airstrikes on the Khorasan Group terror cell.

“I think we need to give our president a break, he’s got so much on his mind right now,” co-host Wendy Griffith told Robertson of the coffee-cup incident.

Robertson disagreed, saying, “I won’t give him a break on this one,” before adding his theory that Obama ordered airstrikes on the terror cell because he was “forced to it” and wants to get “brownie points before the election.”

In this day and age, any and everything becomes a reason to divert from real news.

As the right wing pundits keep this six second story alive, airstrikes continue in Syria, and other important news stories continue.

Republican President Eisenhower – who was a five-star general – did not salute military while president because he felt it inappropriate as “out of uniform” military.

Anything to avoid the real news…

Another right wing myth goes down: Obama’s vacation days

It’s a popular myth for the right wing to bellow about the “extreme” number of days that President Obama has taken.


The last couple of 2-term GOP Presidents took a WHOLE lot more vacation days than Obama.

I don’t remember them complaining about that, do you?

Oh – and the stock market didn’t double under them, either.

And we have never had 53 straight months of positive job growth until Obama.

Pesky, pesky facts…

Read full details at Politifact.

Fox News can’t find the “outrage” they were looking for during “All-Gender Bathrooms” segment

Illinois State University recently announced that it would be relabeling several of its single-stall “family” restrooms on campus as “all-gender” restrooms. Though the decision won’t alter the functionality of any of the restrooms, the move is meant to accommodate transgender and gender-variant students, who often face harassment and violence in public restrooms. All-gender restrooms will be identified by a new sign that “will include a symbol of a half of a man and half of a woman.”

Fox & Friends has mocked the university’s decision on more than one occasion. Co-host Steve Doocy took a mock-up of an “all-gender” sign and asked a group of “Fox fans” outside the studio what they thought the sign meant.

But none of the fans, including a young boy, seemed to share Doocy’s confusion or outrage over the sign.  The exchange was an awkward “fail” for Doocy, who was clearly looking for more “outrage” from the “Fox fans.”

Inside the studio, Doocy’s co-hosts seemed equally surprised at the “Fox fans” flat reaction. Brian Kilmeade admitted “they’re better people than us. I could not figure it out and we had the story in front of us. It makes no sense.”

Mind you, Kilmeade has never been the sharpest tool in the shed.  The hosts also show confusion over the idea of pink being used to designate “female” and blue for “male.”  At their ages, you’d think they would have caught on to the universal practice by now.

Gender-neutral bathrooms are not an unusual practice. Many colleges and universities have adopted gender-neutral facilities in order to better accommodate the demands of growing LGBT and student family populations.

While the long-time practice might confuse the Fox & Friends folks, in the outside world, even the show’s fans can’t see what the issue is.

Check the clip below, especially the very awkward ending of the segment.

(via Equality Matters)

Jon Stewart calls out Fox News on Benghazi “outrage” hypocrisy

FOX News is going bonkers over the fact that not enough people share their manic obsession for the Benghazi “scandal.”  Never mind that over four thousand American soldiers lost their lives in the Iraq war that produced no proof of “weapons of mass
destruction.”  (Remember that?  That’s supposedly why we went there…)

Jon Stewart takes the Faux Network to task for the discrepancies in their “outrage” over the years.

It seems if there’s a GOP Prez in office, they somehow don’t see the “outrage” in “mistakes.” But put an African-American Democrat in office? OUTRAGE!!!

Note: The death of four Americans in Benghazi was a tragedy.  No argument there.  This post is about the “selective” hypocrisy of the right wing.  

Watch Stewart on The Daily Show below: