Florida: Rick Scott Takes Part In U.S. Senate Orientation Even Though No Winner Called For His Race

Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Even though no winner has been called for the still-this-close Senate race in Florida, Republican Gov. Rick Scott flew to Washington D.C. to take part in ‘freshman orientation’ events for the Senate.

Check out the photo below as Scott poses for photos next to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

A lawyer for Scott told U.S. District Judge Mark Walker today that the governor plans to recuse himself from certifying the election results, just like he did in 2014, when he was ran for re-election.

Here’s the latest on the recounts in Florida from the Orlando Sun-Sentinel:

Counties face a 3 p.m. Thursday deadline to report results from the machine recounts in the U.S. Senate, governor and agriculture commissioner races. The unofficial results from the . Senate and agriculture races were within 0.25 percent, the threshold to trigger a manual recount.

The results from the manual recounts are due by noon Sunday, and the state canvassing board is scheduled to certify the results of the election on Tuesday.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Proposes Raising Minimum Age On Assault Rifles

Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Governor Rick Scott of Florida proposed today changing Florida gun laws to require all individuals purchasing any firearms to be 21 or older

It’s worth noting that 21 is the minimum age in Florida to be able to buy a handgun.

So, deadly military-style rifles have been A-ok for 18-year-olds but not handguns?

The proposed change in Florida gun laws could have prevented Nikolas Cruz from killing 17 people at his former high school in Parkland, Florida, last week.

Scott also said he would support banning “bump stocks,” which can enable a semiautomatic rifle fire even faster, and request $500 million for mental health and school safety programs which would include requiring at least one armed police officer per 1,000 students in public schools.

Donald Trump announced Thursday that he supports raising the legal age from 18 to 21.

Trump has also proposed arming teachers with concealed guns and giving them a “bonus” for protecting students in violent gun situations. Scott has openly opposed that idea.

It comes as no surprise, though, that the National Rifle Association opposes any changes to gun safety laws.


Florida Gov. Rick Scott Refuses To Acknowledge LGBT Community Targeted In Shooting

Florida Gov. Rick Scott

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Florida Gov. Rick Scott painfully refused to acknowledge that the LGBT community was the target of last night’s deadly shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

From Raw Story:

During an interview on CNN, host Jake Tapper pointed out that the LGBT community “appears to have been directly targeted in this attack.”

“There are a lot of members of that community and supporting friends and family who are very worried,” Tapper explained. “Obviously if this was radical Islam, which the special agent in charge of the FBI suggested it may have been, that is a community that has been under siege from radical Islam.”

“Are you taking any special precautions,” the CNN host wondered, “especially during Pride month, but also in Florida, which is known as being hospitable to the gay and lesbian community, to make sure that community is protected?”

Scott, however, declined to acknowledge the LGBT community in his response.

“We don’t want anybody in our state to ever be targeted,” he insisted. “We don’t want anybody to be discriminated against. And so in every case, when we believe there is somebody doing the wrong thing, we work hard to make sure we take care of them.”

“And so what we’ll — you know, as we go through this process, what we’ll learn through this, is we’ll learn what we can do to hopefully to never, never, ever to let this happen again,” the governor added.

“But, I guess my point is you’ve declared a state of emergency in Orange County,” Tapper replied. “But there are areas of the state of Florida — South Beach, for example — where there may be a large and thriving LGBT community that might be very, very afraid this morning.”

“Are you taking precautions?” the CNN host pressed. “Are you sending law enforcement to make sure there are no copy cats or just in case this individual wasn’t a lone wolf, that that community is being protected?”

“Absolutely,” Scott replied, refusing to refer to the gay community by name. “We have really good law enforcement in our state. And when something like this happens, one of the first things you do on top of dealing with the issue you have at hand, is say, ‘Who else could this impact and what can we do to make sure that does not happen?’”

Woman To FL Gov. Rick Scott: “You’re An A**hole!”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott gets an earful from one of his constituents about his actions to cut Medicaid in order to block Obamacare.

Via Raw Story:

“You cut Medicaid so I couldn’t get Obamacare,” said the woman, who identified herself as 39-year-old Cara Jennings. “You’re an a*shole. You don’t care about working people. You should be ashamed to show your face around here.”

The face-off, captured on video by a witness, took place after Scott entered a Starbucks in Gainesville. Jennings is seen shushing another woman as she assails Scott, who responds that his administration has created one million jobs.

“A million jobs? Great, who here has a great job?” Jennings asks. “Or is looking forward to finishing school? Do you really feel like you have a job coming up?”

It turns out the woman who tried to shush Jennings was the governor’s spokeswoman.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s Awkward “Morning Joe” Interview Cut Short

Florida Gov. Rick Scott appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” (albeit briefly) this morning to discuss the upcoming Republican primary taking place in his state this coming Tuesday.

But when Scott refused to answer any questions from either host Joe Scarborough or Mika Brzezinski – “Who do you endorse?” “Do you believe Muslims hate America?” – or even have an opinion on the subjects, Brzezinski had had enough.

From Politico:

“I’m just asking, generally, do you think that Muslims hate Americans, that Islam hates America as Donald Trump said last night,” Scarborough pressed. “I can tell you what’s going on in Florida,” Scott began, before Scarborough interrupted and asked again for him to answer the question.

“Do you personally think that Islam is a religion that hates America?” Scarborough asked. Scott’s response was that Florida has a lot of Muslims and Latin Americans who all get along. “We’re a great melting point. That’s what I can tell you about our state,” Scott said. “Donald Trump, he can talk about the things he wants to talk about. Marco Rubio can, Ted Cruz, John Kasich…”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski wasn’t satisfied. “That’s not answering any questions. Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, I know you and Joe are friends and this is kind of awkward, but can you answer the question or should we scoot?” she asked.

I can’t imagine why Scott even went on the program. He clearly didn’t want to get into any specific opinion or policy. Perhaps he wanted to raise his national profile? If so, this backfired badly.

In the end, all you remember is Scott with a “Joker-like” grin trying to dodge anything of substance. #Fail

Florida Gubernatorial Debate Begins With Heated Moment For Rick Scott

Last night’s Florida gubernatorial debate almost didn’t happen as GOP Gov. Rick Scott refused to come onstage for the debate because his challenger, former Gov. Charlie Crist, had a fan under his podium to help moderate the temperature under the lights.

“We have been told Governor Scott will not be participating in this debate,” CBS moderator Elliott Rodriguez said. “Now, let me explain what this is all about. Governor Crist has asked to have a fan, a small fan, placed underneath his podium. The rules of the debate that I was shown by the Scott campaign said that there should be no fan. Somehow there is a fan there and for that reason, ladies and gentlemen, Governor Scott will not join us for the debate.”

After the debate, the Crist camp revealed a copy of the agreed terms of the debate which clearly read “the debate hosts will address any temperature issues with a fan if necessary.”  Apparently, the debate agreement mentioned no “electronic” devices (i.e. cell phones, iPads, etc…) were allowed.  I’m not sure I would refer to an “electric fan” as an “electronic device.”

Really? Gov. Scott was not going to debate because his opponent requested a FAN? Is this the most infantile thing ever seen at a political debate???

In the end, even right wing pundits have characterized Scott’s debate performance as “week” and “rambling.”

Florida: Charlie Crist asks Gov. Rick Scott to drop appeals against same-sex marriage

Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist wrote an open op-ed letter to GOP Gov. Rick Scott on Friday asking him to drop any appeals to the recent court rulings that found Florida’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

Via the Miami Herald:

“Dear Governor Scott: Four years ago, a district court of appeals ruled Florida’s ban on gay and lesbian adoption unconstitutional. When the ruling came down, I believed it was my job as Governor to exercise the authority vested in me by the people and our Constitution. The day the judge ruled, I declared Florida’s adoption ban over. Gay and lesbian parents began adopting the children they loved immediately. It is one of my proudest moments as an elected official.

“Last Thursday Federal District Judge Robert Hinkle gave you the same chance to speak out for what is right when, in a ruling that would apply statewide, he struck down Florida’s ban on same sex marriage. By declaring the marriage ban finished you could discourage any future appeals and end the nightmare that loving same sex couples all across our state endure every single day, ending court battles that could drag on for months or years.


“You have the power to end the suffering of people like Arlene Goldberg. Last March, Arlene lost her wife and partner of 47 years, Carol Goldwasser. At a moment of enormous and understandable grief, Arlene had to suffer the humiliation of not being listed as Carol’s wife on the death certificate. Even worse, she lost her home because she was denied the social security benefits they had earned.

“When faced with a very similar decision four years ago I did what I believed was best for Florida and best for the thousands of children waiting to be adopted by loving parents. Today, I urge you to do what’s best for Floridians and declare the state will not be challenging Judge Hinkle’s Order or any other orders supporting the rights of all Floridians to marry.” – Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who supported his state’s ban on same-sex marriage while in office.”

It should be noted that when Crist previously served as the governor of Florida (as a Republican), he supported the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott gives ANOTHER perplexing answer to the press

This week Florida Circuit Judge Luis Garcia ruled the state’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional, which should have meant gay couples could begin marrying in the Florida Keys as early as next week.

However, Attorney General Pam Bondi has already filed an appeal which triggered an immediate stay of the ruling for now.

FOX4 News asked Gov. Rick Scott about his thoughts on the ruling and same-sex marriage in the state.

The answer, in true Rick Scott form, is hard to decipher.

How this guy got elected, I’ll never know. He can’t give a straight answer; clearly he’s in election mode where he’s afraid of pissing off ANYBODY.

But the surest way to lose an election is play both sides of the fence, Rick.

And by the way, don’t his eyes look strangely dilated?…