Georgia: Warnock Wins, Ossoff Victory ‘Very Likely’

Jon Ossoff & Rev. Raphael Warnock
Jon Ossoff & Rev. Raphael Warnock
L-R Jon Ossoff, Rev. Raphael Warnock (images via Twitter)

Democrat Raphael Warnock has been projected to win his Senate race in Georgia beating Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler, and fellow Dem Jon Ossoff is currently leading in his race against GOP Sen. David Perdue by 17,000+ votes.

The remaining votes to be counted are mainly in Democratic strongholds, so it’s expected that Ossoff and Warnock will only increase their leads.

From the New York Times:

At a news conference, Gabriel Sterling, a top official from the Georgia secretary of state’s office, refers to Jon Ossoff as “Senator to be, probably, Ossoff.” Sterling says he anticipates that all but a few votes will be counted by 1 p.m. today and that Jon Ossoff will very likely defeat David Perdue.

With more than 60,000 absentee votes uncounted, mostly from Democratic-leaning counties, a Georgia elections official says Ossoff is the likely winner and no recount will likely be necessary.

The energy in the race has been enormous with the two Dems outpacing the Republicans in fundraising during the weeks leading up to the runoff election.

Warnock becomes only the 11th Black U.S. Senator in the history of the nation and the first from Georgia.

If he wins his race as expected, Ossoff will be the youngest Democratic senator to be elected since – Joe Biden.

With the two wins, the U.S. Senate will be comprised of 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans leaving Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to cast tie-breaking votes.

Say it with me: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Raphael Warnock declared the winner of his Senate race in Georgia
(graphic via NY Times)
Democrat Jon Ossoff his Senate race in Georgia
(graphic via NY Times)

Dems Outpacing Repubs In Fundraising For Georgia Senate Runoff

A prosecutor in Georgia is reportedly in the early stages of investigating Donald Trump for attempting to overturn the election results in the state

A highway sign reading Georgia where Democrats are leading in fundraising ahead of the upcoming Senate runoff elections

The two Democratic candidates in the Georgia Senate runoff races for U.S. Senate are far outpacing their Republican opponents in fundraising.

From Fox News:

Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is taking on Republican Sen. David Perdue, took in more than $106 million from Oct. 15 through Dec. 16, according to his latest campaign finance report.

The Rev. Raphael Warnock, the Democrat trying to unseat Sen. Kelly Loeffler, was close behind with a little over $103 million.

Perdue reported $68 million over the same two-month span, with Loeffler collecting just under $64 million. Three of the campaigns reported their financial data on Thursday. Loeffler submitted hers a day earlier.

The two races will determine which party will control the Senate in 2021.

If the Democrats win both seats, there will be 50 Dems and 50 Republicans in the chamber, but with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris – who serves as president of the Senate – control would swing to the Democrats.