Lincoln Project Trolls Trump’s Rally Speech Explaining #RampGate

At Donald Trump’s woefully under-attended campaign rally last night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Trumpster spent a considerable amount of time explaining the recent #RampGate episode.

In case you missed it, after speaking at this year’s West Point Academy commencement ceremony, Trump slowly exited the stage via a ramp he called “very slippery” (no rain that day) and very steep.

The Lincoln Project, a group of anti-Trump conservatives (including White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway), released their latest ad with their take on Trump’s protracted maneuvers on the now-infamous ramp.


#RampGate & #TrumpIsUnwell Trending On Twitter

Donald Trump loves to mock former Vice President Joe Biden saying Joe is ‘not well,’ or frail or some such nonsense.

Which is why Trump’s slow, awkward exit from giving a commencement speech at West Point yesterday is getting attention.

#RampGate is currently trending on the Twitterverse. #TrumpIsUnwell and #TRUMPstroke were also among the hashtags trending on Twitter.