Rachel Maddow: “Why does Mitt Romney laugh when he talks about his own anti-gay bullying?”

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When listening to Mitt Romney “apologize” about his high school bullying reported by the Washington Post yesterday, my first question was “why is he laughing about something he SAYS he doesn’t remember?”

Just seemed kind of strange from a behavioral stand point. Rachel Maddow tackles that question on her show.

Rachel Maddow on the reversal of “ex-gay” therapist opinions

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Last night Rachel Maddow did a thorough overview of how “ex-gay” therapies gained credibility due to a study in 2001 and how the author of that study now wants to retract the study in part because he only studied people sent to him from anti-gay organizations.

Watch the video. This isn’t opinion. This is lining up how we got to the point that people, like Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus, make money from gays and lesbians being pressed to “get cured.”

Why Wis. Gov. Walker is working to break the unions

Ok, so I usually hate long videos on the internet, but this is actually very straight forward and explains things in a very easy to understand way.

Rachel Maddow takes facts and shows why the governor of Wisconsin, who got all the financial concessions he wanted, still wants to strip Wisconsin union workers of their rights of collective bargaining.

Basically it goes like this: get rid of unions, fewer Democrats, fewer Democrats to win elections.

By the way, he apparently tried a similar tactic earlier in his career firing union security guards and then hired a private security company. A company with a history of partying on the job in Iraq. The security “chief” hired in that instance in Wisconsin had a police record including jail time. And in the end, the move didn’t save nearly as much money as promised by Walker.

It’s a very interesting explanation. Watch.