LGBTQ Activists Put Pride Flag On Parade Hidden In Plain Sight – “The Hidden Flag”

LGBT activists are parading the banned rainbow flag around Russia during the World Cup by hiding the flag in plain sight

Since Russia has a ban on ‘gay propaganda’ – which would include even a simple rainbow flag – these LGBTQ activists have undertaken a subversive mission to share the colors of pride.

Calling themselves ‘The Hidden Flag,’ they are proudly parading our Pride colors around Russia in plain sight.

Clever, kids, clever 🙂

From the official website:

We have taken advantage of the fact the country is hosting the World Cup at the same time as Pride Month, to denounce their behaviour and take the rainbow flag to the streets of Russia.

Yes, in the plain light of day, in front of the Russian authorities, Russian society and the whole world, we wave the flag with pride.

How? In a way that no one would ever suspect. Football shirts.

Spain, The Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. Six countries. Six brave LGBT activists, that together, form the flag that toured around iconic sites in Russia, traveling to every corner to fight against a struggle that will never be silenced.

In a scary moment, one member of the group was detained at the airport as he was leaving Russia. But after 15 hours, he was allowed to continue home.

Mateo Fernandez told Gay Star News, “When we were doing it, I was scared shitless.”

But added, “It was completely worth it.”

Head over to the Hidden Flag website for lots more photos.

Trump Produced Hollywood-Style Movie Trailer Starring Himself & Kim Jong Un

Well, this is… something.

It was reported earlier today that Donald Trump presented North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with a slick, four-minute Hollywood movie-styled video that cast Trump and Kim as the heroes of a story about “two men, two leaders, one destiny.”

Destiny Pictures presents a story of opportunity. A new story, a new beginning. One of peace. Two men, two leaders, one destiny. A story about a special moment in time, when a man is presented with one chance which may never be repeated. What will he choose? To show vision and leadership? Or not?

Via Vox:

“History is always evolving, and there comes a time when only a few are called upon to make a difference,” the narrator of the video says. “But the question is — what difference will the few make? The past doesn’t have to be the future. Out of the darkness can come the light, and the light of hope can burn bright.”

The video is heavy-handed in its Hollywood approach — it casts the potential reconciliation between North and South Korea as a “sequel,” and the narrator proudly declares, “Destiny Pictures presents: a story of opportunity.”

The short film was shown before Trump’s press conference after the meetings concluded.

The video is clearly meant to play up to Kim Jong Un’s ego, a tactic Trump must have wholly embraced because he knew HE would respond to such cinematic overtures.

Here’s the video:

Trump was asked if he was “concerned” whether the video might be used by Kim as propaganda?

“I’m not concerned at all,” declared Trump.

Former Fox Analyst On Decline Of Fox News – Rats, Russians & Witch Hunts

Ralph Peters is a retired Army officer, a former enlisted man and former strategic analyst for Fox News with deep experience in Russian studies.

Last week, he resigned his position from Fox, and today he goes into detail regarding why in a blistering op-ed for The Washington Post.

You could measure the decline of Fox News by the drop in the quality of guests waiting in the green room.

A year and a half ago, you might have heard George Will discussing policy with a senator while a former Cabinet member listened in. Today, you would meet a Republican commissar with a steakhouse waistline and an eager young woman wearing too little fabric and too much makeup, immersed in memorizing her talking points.

This wasn’t a case of the rats leaving a sinking ship. The best sailors were driven overboard by the rodents.

As early as the fall of 2016, and especially as doubts mounted about the new Trump administration’s national security vulnerabilities, I increasingly was blocked from speaking on the issues about which I could offer real expertise: Russian affairs and our intelligence community.

I did not hide my views at Fox and, as word spread that I would not unswervingly support President Trump and, worse, that I believed an investigation into Russian interference was essential to our national security, I was excluded from segments that touched on Vladimir Putin’s possible influence on an American president, his campaign or his administration.

I was the one person on the Fox payroll who, trained in Russian studies and the Russian language, had been face to face with Russian intelligence officers in the Kremlin and in far-flung provinces. I have traveled widely in and written extensively about the region.

Yet I could only rarely and briefly comment on the paramount security question of our time: whether Putin and his security services ensnared the man who would become our president. Trump’s behavior patterns and evident weaknesses (financial entanglements, lack of self-control and sense of sexual entitlement) would have made him an ideal blackmail target — and the Russian security apparatus plays a long game.

Listening to political hacks with no knowledge of things Russian tell the vast Fox audience that the special counsel’s investigation was a “witch hunt,” while I could not respond, became too much to bear.

There is indeed a witch hunt, and it’s led by Fox against Robert Mueller.

Head over to The Washington Post for more of what someone who’s actually trained in Russian studies has to say about Fox News’ handling of the investigation.

“Ashamed” Fox News Analyst Resigns Via Scathing Email From “Propaganda Machine” Fox News

In a scathing, scorched-earth email, retired United States Army Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters resigned his position as a Fox News strategic analyst denouncing the “propaganda” network and President Donald Trump.

Along the way, Peters also had choice words for the network’s primetime hosts – Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham.

Here’s a portion of the resignation letter via Buzzfeed:

In my view, Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration.

When prime-time hosts — who have never served our country in any capacity — dismiss facts and empirical reality to launch profoundly dishonest assaults on the FBI, the Justice Department, the courts, the intelligence community (in which I served) and, not least, a model public servant and genuine war hero such as Robert Mueller — all the while scaremongering with lurid warnings of “deep-state” machinations — I cannot be part of the same organization, even at a remove.

To me, Fox News is now wittingly harming our system of government for profit.

As a Russia analyst for many years, it also has appalled me that hosts who made their reputations as super-patriots and who, justifiably, savaged President Obama for his duplicitous folly with Putin, now advance Putin’s agenda by making light of Russian penetration of our elections and the Trump campaign.

Despite increasingly pathetic denials, it turns out that the “nothing-burger” has been covered with Russian dressing all along.

And by the way: As an intelligence professional, I can tell you that the Steele dossier rings true — that’s how the Russians do things.. The result is that we have an American president who is terrified of his counterpart in Moscow.

Trump Gets Twice-Daily “Propaganda Document” Filled With Positive Stories About Him

President Trump

Via Vice:

Twice a day since the beginning of the Trump administration, a special folder is prepared for the president. The first document is prepared around 9:30 a.m. and the follow-up, around 4:30 p.m. Former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and former Press Secretary Sean Spicer both wanted the privilege of delivering the 20-to-25-page packet to President Trump personally, White House sources say.

These sensitive papers, described to VICE News by three current and former White House officials, don’t contain top-secret intelligence or updates on legislative initiatives. Instead, the folders are filled with screenshots of positive cable news chyrons (those lower-third headlines and crawls), admiring tweets, transcripts of fawning TV interviews, praise-filled news stories, and sometimes just pictures of Trump on TV looking powerful.

One White House official said the only feedback the White House communications shop, which prepares the folder, has ever gotten in all these months is: “It needs to be more fucking positive.” That’s why some in the White House ruefully refer to the packet as “the propaganda document.”

Apparently, former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and former Press Secretary Sean Spicer used to compete about who got to deliver the packet of praise.

It’s no wonder Trump thinks his administration is doing better than it really is.

The Trumpster tweeted this just an hour ago: