New York Daily News Endorses John Kasich In NY GOP Primary

The New York Daily News has endorsed Ohio Gov. John Kasich in advance of the GOP primary next Tuesday, and in doing so gives Donald Trump a slap for good measure.

New York’s 2.7 million registered Republican voters can break the fever that torments their party by voting for principled, pragmatic conservatism in the April 19 presidential primary.

By his record of accomplishment in public life, by the credibility of his plans, by a temperament that marries a small government outlook with can-do effectiveness, Ohio Gov. John Kasich is highly suited to carry the GOP banner into the general election.

Kasich’s qualifications are all the clearer — screamingly so — when matched against those of competitors Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

In fact, both men would be disastrous as President — Cruz because he is an absolutist ideologue, Trump because he suffers from the irreparable, disqualifying defect of being Trump.

Campaigns reveal character. Event by outrageous event, this very strange race has exposed Trump the man to be a self-loving egotist, demagogue and bully who suffers from severe deficits of wisdom and maturity.

Only the pettiest of individuals would disseminate an unflattering photograph of a competitor’s wife to boast that his spouse was more attractive.

Only the most boorish would reference the size of his genitalia during a presidential debate.

Only the childishly cruel would make fun of someone’s disability.

Only the most thoughtlessly sexist would call for punishing women who have had abortions if abortion were ever criminalized.

Only those who are given to dividing between an us and a them would smear entire religions or nationalities.

As a mature, grounded politician, Kasich competes well against them both. Although he was largely overtalked in debates that were staged like gladiatorial contests, Kasich has nonetheless drawn the favorable attention of voters across the country.

The Daily News enthusiastically endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nod yesterday.

Poll: Clinton And Trump Leading Ahead Of New York Primaries

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump look to have big leads in the upcoming New York State Democratic and Republican primaries on April 17.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll released today, Clinton leads Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont 54% – 42%. There are 247 delegates up for grabs in the Democratic primary.

On the GOP side, Trump leads among Republicans with 56%, followed by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas at 20% and Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 19%.

In a hypothetical head-to-head race, the new survey shows Clinton would beat Trump for New York state’s electoral votes in a general election by 20 points – 53% – 33%.

Radio Show: LGBT Activist Aaron Baldwin Talks Presidential Primaries

Check out my latest BlogTalkRadio episode with San Francisco based LGBT activist Aaron Baldwin, who joins me to talk about the current state of the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns.

With the Ohio, Florida, Illinois and North Carolina primaries coming up on Tuesday, and the past Michigan/Mississippi primaries behind us, there’s a lot to talk out.

Will Marco Rubio win his home state of Florida? Will John Kasich win his home state of Ohio?

What new twist will Donald Trump throw in the mix?

Hit play below to hear what Aaron thinks of this unpredictable election season.

Results Of Super Saturday On The Campaign Trail

All in all, Super Saturday didn’t change the momentum of the current presidential primary season.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton came up short in the Nebraska and Kansas caucuses to Sen. Bernie Sanders but won big in the lone primary of the night in Louisiana.

Donald Trump won two states (Louisiana and Kentucky), while Sen. Ted Cruz also won two contests (Maine and Kansas).

Big loser of the night had to be Sen. Marco Rubio who still only has one win this entire primary season. He’ll really need to win his home state of Florida (where he’s trailing in double-digits) on March 15th to look viable.

PPP Poll Shows Trump And Clinton Leading Big In South Carolina

PPP’s new South Carolina poll continues to find Donald Trump with a wide lead in the state.

Trump has a very comfortable lead with 35% to 18% each for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, 10% for John Kasich, and 7% each for Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.

No big surprise there, but how about this: when asked “Would you support or oppose banning homosexuals from entering the United States?,” 31% of Trump’s supporters are in favor of such a ban.

Additionally, 32% of Trump voters continue to believe the policy of Japanese internment during World War II was a good one.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 55% to 34%.

Clinton and Sanders are tied with white voters at 46%, which pretty much mirrors how the race played out in Iowa.

But among African Americans Clinton continues to have a substantial advantage over Sanders at 63/23.

New Hampshire Primary Results

Good night for Sen. Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary, while Donald Trump crushed over on the Republican side.

Biggest loser of the night has to go to Sen. Marco Rubio who came out of Iowa caucuses with a strong 3rd place showing. But his admittedly weak debate performance on Saturday (just days before the primary in NH) affected his supporters. Rubio eked out a 5th place finish last night.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will announce this afternoon that he’s leaving the race.

Virginia: Republican Eric Cantor loses his primary race to Tea Party challenger

In a stunning upset, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia has lost in the Republican primary.

From NBC News:

With more than 75 percent of precincts reporting, the AP called economics professor Dave Brat the surprise winner of the GOP nomination for Virginia’s 7th congressional district.

Cantor, who serves as the House majority leader, heavily outspent Brat and was widely expected to survive the challenge from the right.

Brat painted the seven-term congressman as a Washington insider who has become too liberal to represent the Richmond-area district. He accused Cantor of supporting immigration reform that would give “amnesty” to those living in the United State illegally.

As House Majority Leader, Cantor is the second most powerful member of the House of Representatives.