Crazy NY man on the 6 Train

Now doesn’t this make you miss the Big Apple?

To summarize: psychotic episode, strips naked, cop pursues, passengers whip out phones to video.

Life in the Big City.

Full Frontal nudity & bad language – you’ve been warned.

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NYC’s Paramount Hotel

Ok, so I figured I’d check online to see if I could get a decent, cheap hotel room for the night since I’m going to a reunion of my Broadway cast of FOLLIES tonight.

I got what seemed like a terrific rate for mid-town at the Paramount Hotel of $129. I had heard the rooms were small, but figured it was better than taking a late, late train back up to Peekskill to Carlye’s place.

AND I booked a “standard” room – not the “Petite” special thing they have that’s actually smaller (twin bed!) for $119.

See the picture. This is the room. Almost the whole room. Those ARE the walls next to the bed. I’m standing in the bathroom to take this picture. And then on the bed to take the second pic.

No biggie since I’m just going to sleep here one night. But I laughed…

This place must have been a YMCA at some point. Only not as fun.

Ah, NYC.

Average NYC Saturday morning

Quick shopping trip with my friend Bobby, who’s starting some classes this week. He needed some cute, quick inexpensive black clothes. (And what NY-er has enough black in their closet anyway?)

So where to go in NYC? H&M, of course.

I realize there are no black clothes in the picture.

For some reason I took pics if underwear. Go figure…

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