Montana Man Fractures Teen’s Skull For Not Removing Hat During National Anthem

A 39-year-old Montana man was arrested for a violent assault on a 13-year-old boy fracturing the teen's skull.
Curt James Brockway (mug shot)

A 39-year-old Montana man was arrested for a violent assault on a 13-year-old boy fracturing the teen’s skull.

Curt James Brockway reportedly told authorities “he had every right” to pick the boy up and slam him to the ground because, in his opinion, the teen had disrespected the national anthem by not removing his hat.

USA Today reports the boy had to be airlifted to a hospital due to the attack. His parent’s told the press he bled from his ears for nearly six hours.

Prosecutors asked Brockway’s bond be set at $100,000, but the judge allowed him to be released on his own recognizance.

Brockway is apparently registered as a violent offender with a police record going back to 2010.

Watch the report from local news station KPAX below:

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Hawaiian Singer’s National Anthem Goes Viral

Willie K sings the national anthem at Aloha Stadium

Over the weekend, Hawaiian singer and musician Willie K was tapped to sing the national anthem at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.

Keeping the lyrics by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Willie K made the song his own, and went viral in doing so.

According to folks on Twitter, Willie is considered a state treasure and currently battling lung cancer.

Watch below.

As always, folks had their opinions about the performance.

This first tweet is from U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii.

The National Anthem At The Super Bowl

It’s Super Bowl Day!

One of my favorite moments of Super Bowl Day is a really triumphant National Anthem.

Today’s anthem will be sung by one of my favoritest artists today, Pink. She’s sent out word she has the flu, but she will do her best.

I know she will.

Here’s a few of what I think are the best Super Bowl National Anthems. All three are exactly who these artists really are.

Did I miss your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

Video: Trump Rants On Football Players Disrespecting National Anthem, But Doesn’t Know The Words Himself

Donald Trump has spent months – months I tell you – demanding that football players stand and respect our flag and our national anthem.


And lord knows no one is better at making a point living by example than Donald J. Trumper.

Well,…. except maybe that time he made a point to attend the national college football game, stand on the open field, hand over heart (it must be somewhere in there) and somewhat mouth about a third of the words to The Star-Spangled Banner.

(psssst – Donald – they had a camera on your face the whole time…)

Needless to say, this doesn’t end well for the Trumpster. All that hypocrisy and all, you know.

Watch below, then check out the Twitterverse’s thoughts on BannerGate.

Btw – the Alabama Crimson Tide won in overtime over the Georgia Bulldogs 26-23. To be honest, Alabama had the best costumes.

AL GOP Senate Candidate Falsely Announces Taking A Knee During National Anthem Is “Against The Law”

Candidate Roy Moore

TIME Magazine reports that former Alabama Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court and current candidate for the U.S. Senate, Roy Moore, erroneously believes that professional athletes who take a knee during the national anthem are breaking the law.

(p.s. They aren’t)

In an interview with TIME magazine, the Alabama Republican argued that NFL players and others who have protested police violence are violating a section of the U.S. code which outlines how people should conduct themselves when the anthem is played. (The code merely outlines proper etiquette, and there are no legal penalties outlined in the law.)

“It’s against the law, you know that?” he said. “It was a act of Congress that every man stand and put their hand over their heart. That’s the law.” “If they didn’t have it in there, it would just be tradition. But this is law,” he said. “If we disobey this, what else are we going to disobey?

As the article states, U.S. Code 301 is not law but considered proper etiquette. If you read the few short lines of text, the word “should” not “shall” is used.

Moore himself has broken the law several times in his career. Once when he defied a court order to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments he had installed at his court house; and also when he ordered judges in his state to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court ruling which made marriage equality legal in all fifty states.

Folks on the right and left openly laughed at Moore on Twitter:

Trump Nation: Jerk Uses U.S. Flag As Picnic Blanket, T-Shirt Says “I Stand For The National Anthem”

This pic from Sunday’s Jets/Patriots game is currently going viral as this douchebag wearing a t-shirt that says “I stand for the National Anthem” as he sits on the flag like a beach towel.

On top of the fact that we were taught to never let the flag touch the ground, the asshole is SITTING his ass on the flag!

Adding to the assholery is he seems to drink beer with a straw. #Embarrassing #ManUp #WhoDrinksBeerThroughAStraw

From Deadspin:

This man at Sunday’s Patriots-Jets game respects the United States and its national anthem so much that he turned the country’s flag into a picnic blanket. Reader Marshall spotted the patriot, who is better than all of us, at the Jets’ stadium.

“Basically, me and my friend were walking around the stadium sometime during the 3rd quarter. There is a huge tv screen by the food carts right inside the stadium where people gather to watch. We went over there to check it out and we saw him spread the flag out and sit down.”

So, in case I haven’t been clear (and I know my readers may not be accustomed to this language from me)  – Get your f*cking ass off my flag!

Melania Trump Nudges Husband When He Forgets Where To Put His Hand During National Anthem

President Trump forgot to put his hand over his heart during the singing of the national anthem at today’s White House Easter celebration.

Fortunately, there was an immigrant nearby to nudge his hand…