The Candi & Randy Show: Tom Goss “Lost Songs and Underdogs”

Tonight, on The Candi & Randy Show, we welcome singer/songwriter Tom Goss.

Click here to listen to the show – 9pmEST/6pmPST – Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tom Goss is a unique voice among gay singer-songwriters — a former Catholic seminarian turned guitar-toting troubadour whose heartfelt lyrics, hooky melodies and quirky charm have earned him a dedicated national following.

Since he started performing in DC coffeehouses in 2006, the tireless 30-year-old hasn’t let any moss grow under his trademark flip flops: three full-length CDs (Naked Without and Back to Love and Turn It Around), two EPs (Rise and The Politics of Love), a live DVD (Live At Terry’s), four music videos—two rose to the #1 and #2 viewer-choice slots on MTV’s LOGO network—and nearly 500 shows in 100 cities nationwide.

Tom is an unabashed romantic, known for his songs about love (many inspired by his husband Mike, whom he married in October 2010) and longing.

Tom is committed politically as well, having released songs and videos in support of marriage equality and the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Like his music, Tom’s story is a mix of struggle and spirit. A native of Kenosha, Wisconsin, he spent his high school and college years as a wrestler, leaving the family sport of gymnastics for one better suited to his teenage aggression. Following a brief stint as a teacher, he moved to Washington, DC in 2004 to enter Catholic seminary. It didn’t go as planned, and he abandoned his quest to become a priest—but not his desire to spread a message of hope and reconciliation through his music.

When not touring across the country, he continues to lead and raise funds for a DC nonprofit called Charlie’s Place that provides free meals, clothing and social services to the homeless. It’s the perfect day job for a man who lives what he sings.

Tom’s latest CD, Lost Songs and Underdogs, will be released April 3rd. However it is available for purchase and instant download on his website right now –

Music: New love and heartbreak

Facebook knows when you’ve met someone and it knows when you break up. We tell Facebook these things.

For some, a relationship doesn’t officially start until it’s reflected in the “Relationship” field on Facebook, and it’s not really over until Facebook says it is.

The data team at Facebook can see this data for hundreds of millions of people, and as of late last year, it started letting people share their listening activity through the social network.

Mashing these concepts together (relationships and music), the Facebook data team was able to track which songs people in new relationships are most likely to play, as well as the songs they cue up following a breakup.

The song most associated with new relationships was “Don’t Wanna Go Home” by Jason Derulo. On the other hand, the #1 song breakers-up tended to listen to “The Cave,” by Daniel Ek fave Mumford & Sons.

Here are the complete lists of the most popular music amongst the freshly love-struck or lovelorn created by Facebook’s data team – let me know what you think:

Love-Struck Songs
Songs people listen to when entering into a relationship (listen on Spotify):

“Don’t Wanna Go Home” by Jason Derulo
“Love on Top” by Beyoncé
“How to Love” by Lil Wayne
“Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars
“Good Feeling” by Flo Rida
“It Girl” by Jason Derulo
“Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine
“Criminal” by Britney Spears
“No Sleep” by Wiz Khalifa
“Free Fallin’” by John Mayer

Breakup Tunes
Songs played by people after ending a relationship (listen on Spotify):

“The Cave” by Mumford and Sons
“Crew Love” by Drake
“All of the Lights” by Kanye West
“Rolling in the Deep” by Adele
“Take Care” by Drake
“It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars
“We Found Love” by Rihanna & Calvin Harris
“Call It What You Want” by Foster the People
“Love You Like a Love Song” by Selena Gomez and the Scene
“Without You” by David Guetta featuring Usher


Music: “Gaia” – Olivia Newton-John

Click for larger view

Talk about timing.

I’ve just returned from Australia where I spent an amazing few days at Olivia Newton-John’s retreat and spa named Gaia.

I just got a notice that her 1994 CD “Gaia” has been re-released in the US by Green Hill Music.  Great CD that never really got a wide release here before; for years I was under the impression that the songs were very new age due to the title and original packaging.  Wrong.

All of the songs were written by Olivia as she was coming to the end of her cancer journey.  But these are really strong pop songs (Olivia would find her New Age voice in the later, fabulous “Grace and Gratitude”).

“Trust Yourself,” “Not Gonna Give In To It,” “Don’t Cut Me Down” and “No Matter What You Do” are favorite tracks for me.

Check it out on Amazon.

Only in NYC

I love this video. So NYC.

According to the uploader on Youtube, the two musicians don’t even know each other. Just spontaneous music on a subway ride.

okay- what you are about to watch is a true new york experience. what originally started out as a typical nyc subway ride (sitting across from guy who smelled like urine) turned into an awesome performance by two people who have never met before. i captured the whole thing on video.

What I really love is the shot panning to the other riders at 2:15. Everyone listening and enjoying.

I love NYC.

Keeping The Beat: a teacher talks about schools and music education

In many ways, my “life” began in elementary school music classes. Without music classes, I would have never begun singing, which led to dancing, which led to acting, which led to my whole career. Arts programs – like music classes – not only help develop the artistic side of children but it gives kids confidence to own their own expression.

As schools face difficult budget cuts, arts programs across the country are now in danger. Losing them could deprive students of a valuable experience that they may not have a chance to have later. Many universities are facing their own budget problems, and it’s not easy for an accredited online college to lead a music class

Jay Chung, a Philadelphia music teacher, recently stood with President Obama and Vice President Biden and called on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act. The Jobs Act would help hire more teachers and improve school facilities across the country, among other things.

Watch Jay’s story and see first-hand why the American Jobs Act is so important to schoolchildren in Pennsylvania.

United World Music Chart – is your favorite song on the chart?

Click pic to view larger

Alltime Track Chart based on the evaluation of all weekly charts of the United World Chart.

Some of these surprise me – #4 “Macarena”?  #3 “I Do It For You”?

Others make perfect sense – Elton’s “Candle In The Wind”, Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” and “You’re The One That I Want”…  I get those.

Here’s a link to the whole chart.


Candi and Randy Show: Behind the Scenes of the music industry

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On the Candi and Randy Show this week, we talked about some music industry “behind the scenes” questions I’ve gotten over the years.

If you’ve ever wondered why your favorite song didn’t make it to radio, or why someone didn’t get nominated for a Grammy Award or why your favorite artist doesn’t tour near you, take a listen.