Keeping The Beat: a teacher talks about schools and music education

In many ways, my “life” began in elementary school music classes. Without music classes, I would have never begun singing, which led to dancing, which led to acting, which led to my whole career. Arts programs – like music classes – not only help develop the artistic side of children but it gives kids confidence to own their own expression.

As schools face difficult budget cuts, arts programs across the country are now in danger. Losing them could deprive students of a valuable experience that they may not have a chance to have later. Many universities are facing their own budget problems, and it’s not easy for an accredited online college to lead a music class

Jay Chung, a Philadelphia music teacher, recently stood with President Obama and Vice President Biden and called on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act. The Jobs Act would help hire more teachers and improve school facilities across the country, among other things.

Watch Jay’s story and see first-hand why the American Jobs Act is so important to schoolchildren in Pennsylvania.