Melissa McCarthy On Her First Visit To A Gay Bar

Speaking to PrideSource, actress Melissa McCarthy was asked about her experience the first time she stepped into a gay bar after growing up in rural Illinois:

“I thought, “Where has this been all my life?” That’s the honest to god truth.

“There was a feeling of anything goes, you’re OK, no one’s gonna find you odd. What you’re wearing, who cares! What you’re doing, dancing all night! There just was a celebration innately built in.

“It’s like, I didn’t go there to be somber, I went because I was like, there’s such a feeling of unity and I never felt… I just… I really did, I had such a strong reaction to it.

“It’s like, I think, certainly, from many of my friends I was with as they came out and struggled with their families or had delightfully surprising responses from their family, to have a place to go where they were just fully accepted, a lot of joy went with that.

“So I kind of sat in the backdrop of that and enjoyed it.”

McCarthy plays lesbian “Lee Israel” in her latest film, poignant Oscar-worthy dramedy “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” currently in select theaters.

Melissa McCarthy Picks Up Emmy Award For “Sean Spicer” Portrayal On SNL

Sean Spicer may be gone from the White House, we’ll always have Melissa McCarthy’s hysterical, over the top portrayal of the former White House press secretary on Saturday Night Live to relish.

And just to show “Spicey” is the gift that keeps giving, McCarthy must be relishing her new Emmy Award she picked up last night at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. That statue sitting on McCarthy’s mantle was for her hosting gig on SNL including her performance as the manic, unhinged press secretary.

You’ll recall the portrayal got so much attention Trump pulled Spicey from press briefing duties and sent Sarah Huckabee Sanders in his place.

At the time of McCarthy’s appearances as “Spicey,” Sean attempted to blow off the jabs with faux good sportsmanship. But his true colors showed when he commented that SNL had “gone from being funny to just bad.”

This is McCarthy’s second Emmy win having previously won for CBS’ Mike & Molly. I’m not surprised to learn she has been nominated for all five of her hosting gigs on SNL.

The Creative Arts Emmys took place Sunday in Los Angeles.

The main Emmy broadcast will air Sunday, Sept. 17 on CBS.

But for now, let’s take a trip on the “way back machine” and enjoy McCarthy’s brilliant, no-holds barred performance below.

Melissa McCarthy Takes To The Streets Of NYC In Full “Sean Spicer” Drag

I can’t wait for Saturday Night Live tomorrow night! Squee!!!

Melissa McCarthy was seen shooting a segment for SNL today in character as “Sean Spicer” via a motorized podium heading down 58th Street in New York City.

Remember the show will be broadcast live across all time zones, so check your airtime.

SNL: Melissa McCarthy Kills As White Press Sec. Sean Spicer

Even though the SNL cast has lots of white guys who could take on lampooning White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the satirical show reached out to an inspired choice to lampoon the beleaguered spokesman: Melissa McCarthy.

In a ‘take no prisoners’ guest appearance, McCarthy was almost unrecognizable as she took to the podium. Down to the ill-fitted suit, McCarthy gave a commanding, provocative performance.

Great satire happens when the subject’s characteristics are elevated to a new level, and McCarthy landed in that hilarious sweet spot.

“I’m here to swallow gum, and I’m here to take names.”