InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Dan Tai (via Instagram)

Checking in with some of my favorite InstaHunks this weekend.

First up, ex-pro Rugby player Dan Tai (above) reminds us that ‘health is wealth.’ Which makes Dan the ‘Bill Gates of fitness’ 🙂

Justin and Nick are back from a short Insta-Sabbatical and they brought their handsome 8-month-old rescue Bear. #woof

Max Souza checks in to see how YOUR Sunday is going?

Bremen Menelli rocked his swimsuit as he got ready to ‘refresh’… #thirsty

Philip Evelyn II reports from the Bronx: “It’s f*ckin’ hot out here and this summer is gonna take whatever f*cking body I give it.” We’ll take it!

Rick and the Griffopotamus served up Rorschach Mind F@ck Madness behind-the-scenes with legendary photographer Mike Ruiz and make up genius Nick Lujan.

Fitness model Killian got his morning stretches in:

Joel Green proves he simply can’t take a bad photo:

Ignacio Pérez Rey showed off his golden, sun-kissed tan from Madrid:

Also in Madrid – y’all Spain has got it going on – paleontologist Francesc Gascó gives a final Crossfit flex as he says ‘Good night.’


News Round-Up: April 15, 2019

Some news items you might have missed:

• Now, y’all know the fab Shoshana Bean is back on the Broad Way starring in Sara Bareilles’ Waitress, right? Annnnd, her leading man is the oh-so-talented Jeremy Jordan? Get to the Brooks Atkinson Theater before they be gone. #JustSaying

• A jury sentenced a man to death because they thought he would enjoy being in prison for life because he is gay.

• Dallas police arrested 29-year-old Edward Thomas on a charge of aggravated assault for the brutal beating of a transgender woman. Authorities are investigating whether the brutal attack caught on video should have hate crime charges attached, although gender identity is not a protected class in the state. The video, posted to Facebook, is quite disturbing as Thomas punches the victim over and over as a crowd stood by.

• At Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri, an unnamed student tore down a large hanging sign advertising the school’s Gay Straight Trans Alliance (GSTA). The vandal crumpled up the sign into a ball and dropped it into the crowd below as dozens of students laughed and clapped.

• A 40-year-old man has filed a lawsuit against his parents for throwing away his porn collection that he estimates was worth $29,000.

• Donald Trump has a challenger for the 2020 Republican nomination – former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld has officially declared as a candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2020.

• Sen. Bernie Sanders has released 10 years of tax returns showing both income and tax rate jumped after presidential campaign, and revealing his millionaire status.

• I could really, really wish to be in Mykonos right now with this guy… 🙂

InstaHunks: Weekend Edition

Checking out what some of our favorite InstaHunks are doing this weekend
Marco via Instagram

Checking in on what my favorite InstaHunks are up to this weekend.

Marco of Germany is making us very thankful for a glass pool view. I could get ‘addicted’ to that view.

Just some eye candy for your Sunday afternoon pleasure 🙂

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News Round-Up: January 12, 2018

(photo by @pascalpprl)

Some news items you might have missed:

• Can we just skip ahead to summer, please? (above)

• Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) will soon be available for free to gay and bisexual men in Florida in the state’s attempt to reduce HIV-infections.

• Kenosha School District in Wisconsin has agreed to withdraw its challenge to a ruling from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in favor of Ash Whitaker, a transgender high school student seeking to use the restroom consistent with his gender identity. In doing so, the 7th Circuit Court’s ruling remains the precedent. Plus, the school district has agreed to pay Ash $800,000 for the harm caused to him and for his legal fees.

• Remember how Donald Trump claimed massive voter fraud to the tune of 3 million fake votes cost him the popular vote? His commission found zero fake votes, so they disbanded the voter fraud commission. #Fail

• A man found guilty of killing a gay couple decides it would be prudent to flip-off the families of his victims after being found guilty. Umm, the death penalty is on the table, asshole.

• Remember TLC’s Trading Spaces? The reboot is coming soon. There’s no official launch date yet, but check out the new promo video below.

How To Tame Your Beard

(Photo: Pascalpprl)

Totally woofilicious French model Killian, using his killer bod as a backdrop, shares his favorite beard grooming products in this newly-posted video on Instagram.

Now, I may need to go excuse myself for a minute… #Dang

Watch below.

News Round-Up: November 18, 2017

Some news items you might have missed:

• InstaHunk of the day (above) – Woofy Killian Belliard

• According to the FBI, hate crimes in the U.S. saw a 5% increase in 2016. Of the 6,121 incidents reported 1,076 were based on sexual orientation bias and 124 were based on gender identity bias.

• A new report from the University of Chicago found that LGBTQ young adults had a 120 percent higher risk of reporting homelessness compared to youth who identified as heterosexual and cisgender.

• Aides in Donald Trump’s White House pick and choose which polls to show him making sure he sees primarily the “good ones.”

• Anti-LGBT hate group leader Tony Perkins helped to cover up a sexual assault by now-disgraced GOP Ohio State Rep. Wesley Goodman back in 2015. Goodman allegedly invited an 18-year-old male to crash in his hotel room and when the teenager woke up Goodman had unbuttoned his pants and was pulling his zipper down.

• Miss Coco Peru, famous for her illuminating shopping trips, heads out to Walmart in search of a Wonder Woman crock pot. Watch below.

• Oh, and Simon Dunn did his laundry 🙂

Dirty Laundry Photographer: @dillingerphotography Underwear: @prowlerukA post shared by 🇦🇺 Simon Dunn (@thesimondunn) on Nov 17, 2017 at 9:49am PST