Out Music: Kat Cunning Celebrates Pride With ‘Boys’

Kat Cunning releases their new music video 'Boys'
Kat Cunning releases their new music video 'Boys'
Kat Cunning releases their new music video ‘Boys’

Sometimes, I feel like a music video can get in the way of a song. Like, I’ll hear the song and really like it. And later, I’ll get the official music video and the first thought I have is “This totally takes away from the focus of the song.”

That is NOT the case here.

Non-binary artist and actor Kat Cunning has released the official music video for their song “Boys” in celebration of Pride 2021. The entire cast and crew of the fun and joy-filled music video identifies as either transgender or non-binary.

NYLON apparently agrees with my assessment writing “the simple visual radiates as much heart and warmth as you’d hope.”

“The video was extremely important for me to make to spell out the true focus of the song because of the lyric’s subtlety,” Cunning explains. “I wanted to do my part to help represent the diversity and beauty of the transmasculine community that is so often erased, exploited or hardly peppered into the media.

“Representation matters, especially to young people. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it,” continues the artist. “Making this video, we collectively agreed our community needed to see trans joy.”

Cunning credits longtime collaborator Maddy Talias (videographer) and  director Tee Vaden for creating “an incredibly safe space for everyone to allow their true sense of self to cut through the lens, and to the cast who let their true selves shine with joy and camaraderie.”

Kat will be performing as part of New York City ABC Pride event on Sunday, June 27, with the broadcast beginning at 12 PM ET and, on Saturday, June 26 as part of NYC Pride’s Youth Pride virtual event as well.


Out Music: Kat Cunning ‘Boys’

Kat Cunning drops their new single “Boys” (promo photo)

Non-binary singer/actor Kat Cunning has released a powerful new song titled “Boys” via LAVA/Republic Records.

The track is their third single of the year and is an encouraging and personal love letter to the first transmasculine person they ever met and fell in love with.

The imminently danceable pop track showcases Cunning’s most essential musical qualities – honest, authentic songwriting and vocals that soar in a clarion call to love ourselves.

Unzip your skin and let me in
We’re the last ones, the last ones, the last ones here
Don’t be afraid I know a place
For the last ones, the last ones, the last ones here

“This song is a love letter to to the queer community and anyone who has had to look beyond their back yard to find their community,” reads Cunning’s note on the YouTube page. “It’s a spotlight on the trans masc angels that are some of my true heroes, changing what it means to ‘be a man’ for the better.”

Cunning shares via press release, “Since writing ‘Boys’ three years ago, I have come out as non-binary (transmasculine-leaning) and I use they/them pronouns. Unknowingly, I wrote the song as a letter of acceptance to myself, and I hope it applies to our community at large.”

“I want this song in the hands of every young queer person, in fact every person who has not yet found the place where they belong.  It’s for anyone who has had to look outside of their own back yard to find a place where they are seen for who they truly are.”

You can download/stream the track here. Spotify has included the song as part of their Out Now playlist featuring the newest songs from LGBTQ artists.



New Music: Kat Cunning ‘Could Be Good’

Alt-pop artist Kat Cunning
Alt-pop artist Kat Cunning
Alt-pop artist Kat Cunning (promo photo)

Alt-pop artist Kat Cunning recently released her upbeat, downtempo single “Could Be Good” today reminding us to focus on the light around us, not the dark.

“’Could Be Good’ is a portrait of the optimism that kept life rich for me this past crazy year,” Kat says of the new track. “I wrote it in a swing of hope as I was falling in love during the pandemic and the lyrics are an intimate retelling of some of those special little moments.”

The non-binary actor and singer shares they would “love for it to inspire hope and courage for others to take a risk.”

“There was a lot of darkness in 2020, but this song is a snapshot of the light,” adds Cunning.

“Could Be Good” comes a week and a half after Kat Cunning teamed up with The Ally Coalition for Give A Yes! (G.A.Y.), a voicemail bank where fans can leave messages of encouragement, affirmation and hope at (971) 202-0021.

Later this Spring, these voice messages of love will be compiled and featured on GiveAYes.com.

Hit play to check out “Could Be Good” above. You can follow Kat Cunning on Instagram here.

Out Music: Kat Cunning “King Of Shadow”

Out actor/singer Kat Cunning recently released her new single, "King of Shadow," which has been featured on the hit Netflix series Trinkets where she plays rocker chick, "Sabine."
Kat Cunning (image via Instagram)

Out actor/singer Kat Cunning recently released her new single, “King of Shadow,” which has been featured on the hit Netflix series Trinkets where she plays rocker chick, “Sabine.”

Since her performance of “King of Shadow” on the show in mid-June, Kat’s streaming platforms have seen 7.8 million streams with “King of Shadow” garnering over 3 million streams.

As a musician, the beguiling artist crafts alternative pop songs, drawing from her study of dance as well as her time on stage which includes appearances on Broadway in Dangerous Liaisons and Cirque Du Soleil’s Paramour.

“A lot of my music is pretty queer because I’m telling my stories and I’m queer, and I really believe in representation for anybody who’s marginalized,” she told PEOPLE in 2018. “Being a queer person, I can’t really help but write true stories about love with female pronouns.”

“The themes my music ends up being about are sexuality, religion — as one of those metaphors for sexuality and love — and also heartbreak and love,” she added.

In “King of Shadow,” Cunning exudes seductive romantic confidence that combines with rich pop production resulting in a richly-layered musical tapestry.

I like.

The multi-hyphenate artist is currently working on her debut EP. Hit play below.