Gay Party Boat In Puerto Vallarta Goes Down (And Not In A Good Way)

The gay party boat in Puerto Vallarta sank on New Year's Eve with 60 passengers onboard
The gay party boat in Puerto Vallarta sank on New Year's Eve with 60 passengers onboard
(image via OutAndAboutPV/Emilio Blanco)

I just saw on Twitter the gay party boat, PV Delice, that goes out on the ocean for hours as the gays merrily drink, drink, drink apparently capsized and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

The trouble began at about 5 pm on Thursday according to OutAndAboutPV. The boat, carrying approximately 60 people had begun its trip back to the dock when the boat took on water.

Emilio Blanco, visiting from Chicago, Illinois, shared photos from the disaster telling OutAndAboutPV, “It was like the Titanic, it went all down slowly.”

Blanco said he wasn’t sure what caused the gay party boat to go down, but did note that the ocean was “a bit choppy.”

Promotional image for gay party cruise

“I think the crew just didn’t know how to maneuver the catamaran very well,” he added. “We were about to sail back to Puerto Vallarta, but the catamaran barely moved.”

Fortunately, ten small boats responded to an SOS and showed up in time to help rescue passengers. Blanco shared that fortunately there were no injuries or deaths.

OutAndAboutPV reached out to the operators of PV Delice for comment but hasn’t heard back yet.

It’s been quite the week for the party gays in PV as Jeffrey Sanker’s annual White Party quietly went undercover and moved to a new location after the coronavirus surged in Puerto Vallarta.

A representative from Puerto Vallarta’s tourism board contacted me to let me know that the subsequent beach parties at Mantamar Beach Club, which were part of the Sanker extravaganza, were also canceled.


Georgia: Trump Depressed His Own Voting Base By Discouraging Mail-In Voting

A prosecutor in Georgia is reportedly in the early stages of investigating Donald Trump for attempting to overturn the election results in the state

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says Donald Trump actually depressed his own voting base by demonizing mail-in ballots.

According to the stats, 24,000 Republicans that voted by absentee ballot in the 2020 primary didn’t vote at all in the general election which President-elect Joe Biden won by 14,000.

From HuffPost:

Raffensperger, a Republican, ordered a recount. But he also told Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB that the president hurt his own cause by discouraging mail-in voting, which he portrayed as a “scam.”

Raffensperger told the station that 24,000 Republican voters who voted absentee in the primary did not vote in the general election.

“Those 24,000 people did not vote in the fall,” Raffensperger said. “They did not vote absentee because they were told by the president, ‘Don’t vote absentee. It’s not secure.’ But then they did not come out and vote in person.”

“He actually depressed, suppressed his own voting base,” he added.

News Round-Up: November 1, 2019

Tyler Valenzia (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Mixing it up today with fitness guy Tyler Valenzia (above). I realized I practically never feature clean-shaven blond guys. Tyler’s ready for a lazy weekend, and I def don’t hate that. #ProblemSolved

Advocate: On a technicality, the Kentucky Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit brought against a shop that refused to print T-shirts for Lexington’s 2012 Pride Festival. The court didn’t rule on LGBTQ rights or not, but dismissed the case because the party that brought the claim, the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization, lacked standing because it was not the party denied service by the business.

KIT212: Kenneth has the latest on what’s making news in this week’s gay magazine.

BBC: An Indonesian man who worked for an organization that helped draft strict laws making adultery & gay sex punishable by public whipping has been caned after being caught having an affair with a married woman. #karma

Playbill: Tony and Emmy winner Billy Porter (Kinky Boots, Pose) and Tony winner Idina Menzel (Wicked) will perform during the 2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Also joining the festivities (9 AM ET on NBC on Thanksgiving Day) is Broadway alum and Glee star Lea Michele.

Politico: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has begun closing campaign offices in New Hampshire due to a shortage of funds. The campaign announced the decision was made to go ‘all-in’ in Iowa for the first-in-the-country contest.

New Music: Gryffin & Slander dropped their EDM single, “All You Need To Know” featuring the vocals of Swedish singer/songwriter Calle Lehmann, back in March. The track comes from Gryffin’s full-length debut album, Gravity.

I liked it back then, but today they share this acoustic take on the track which reveals a much deeper emotional core to the song.

Regular readers of The Randy Report know how I love artists reinventing, and thereby discovering more of, their own art. I like this.

Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know Where White House Is Located

Apparently (don’t you love sentences that begin with the word “apparently?”), Sarah Palin spoke at the anti-gay “Values Voter Summit” today where she said truth was an endangered species at the White House.

Except, in her smug little way, she thought she’d be cute and use the address of the White House.

You know – the one located at “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue?”

Yeah, I don’t know that one either. I’m guessing she meant “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” – which is where the White House is actually located.

See, when you get too cute, karma has a way of slapping back at you.

 Btw – note the tepid response from the crowd. And these are HER people. I’m guessing the Palin magic faded (a while back).

Watch the snark in the video below:

UPDATE: From the former half-term governor herself…