New Music: Jessie Ware, DVRKO, Abby K, Emily Vu

Jessie Ware in ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ (screen capture)

This week’s New Music comes from just about every genre you can think of –  including a selection from ‘the future?’

From disco-pop to electronic dance to folk/Americana to bouncy pop bop, there’s something for everyone here 🙂

Check out these terrific new tracks from Jessie Ware, DVRKO, Abby K and Emily Vu.

Jessie Ware recently told Gay Times Magazine her latest, “What’s Your Pleasure?” is a big ‘thank you’ to the LGBTQ community as she echoes Disco divas of the past.

Noting that Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga have recently done disco music as well, Ware says she thinks “it’s the kind of music that… I think ‘elation’ is such a great word to use. It’s needed at the moment.”

The new track is definitely a recipe for club glory with its sleek disco influence, a touch of funk and the kind of free-roaming rubbery bass lines that would have you dancing relentlessly.

It’s the perfect prescription for a world without dance floors.

I have to include the latest from mysterious and enigmatic electronic music producer DVRKO: “Lights Up.”

The masked artist (pronounced Dar-koh) recently told Billboard he “hails from a post-apocalyptic civilization in the not-too-distant future, roaming the earth outcasted from society for his wild past and naughty behavior.” He uses pirated technology and his futuristic music as his only tools to communicate with the world.

Asked to explain his backstory, DVRKO answered, “If I have to explain, you’re not paying attention. Take the trip, crack the code: journey’s worth it. But look, at its core, my message is simple: love and respect mother earth, and your mothers, your brothers and your sisters. I promise you, it won’t suck.”

And while he won’t share more on his identity, he does offer this advice to aspiring musicians: “Don’t listen to Polka and don’t pet squirrels, they will find you and touch you.”

Clever or mysterious, DVRKO’s “Lights Up” features an accessible chorus, bouncy syncopation, and exudes a soaring feeling of optimism that is sure to chase away the blues.

Follow DRVKO on Spotify here.

I won’t put a label on indie artist Abby K as her music spans several genres including folk, Americana and alt-country.

She was inspired to write her latest single, “Mom’s Old Room,” after a transgender fan shared their story with her.

Noting the “silent prison” some trans people may find themselves in, the LGBTQ ally says, “Living a life where I couldn’t be myself would break me. This song is dedicated to all the human butterflies in the world. May they have the courage to transform and live their true beauty.”

The lilting song and whimsical music video pair perfectly to tell a lovely tale of self-discovery. Follow Abby K on Spotify here.

Emily Vu in ‘Just Wait’ (screen capture)

Just Wait,” the latest from SoCal native Emily Vu, explores the vulnerability of falling in love with an engaging self-awareness.

“It’s about being aware of how susceptible I am to love and how being in love or just starting to get to know someone is a very vulnerable thing for me,” Emily explains of the inspiration behind the track. “I’m asking for them to wait for me and just trust the process.”

The music video stars the young pop artist surrounded by a multitude of women with each woman representing a past relationship and how Emily carries those experiences and lessons through life.

Vu launched her career in the summer of 2018 on TikTok playing around with cover songs. Since then, she’s amassed a fervent worldwide fanbase of 1.4M TikTok followers, 388K Instagram followers, and 4M+ Spotify streams.