Honey Maid Wins Valentine’s Day With Inclusive “Love Day” Spot

Honey Maid urges everyone to celebrate a different kind of love on Love Day. #thisiswholesome

From Slate:

The spot, titled “Love Day” and crafted by agency Droga5, sidesteps the typical V-Day focus on couples and instead askes that viewers “think of love differently.” What follows is a series of moving snapshots of familial acceptance. A gay son comes out to his mother, who immediately wraps him in a hug: “You gay? It’s OK, hun! I knew you were. I knew you were, hun.” A pair of non-biological brothers assert their fraternity. A young transgender man thanks his mother for her understanding. A man given up for adoption thanks his birth parents for their choice. And a lesbian asks her grandmother if she’s “OK.” “Nothing would stop me from loving you my dear,” the grandmother replies.

Honey Maid Features Gay Dads In New “This Is Wholesome” Commercial

You may recall that last year, Honey Maid ran it’s first LGBT inclusive commercial featuring two gay dads raising their infant.

Of course all the haters threw their rants and rage. And life went on beyond the barricades.

At the time Gary Osifchin, senior marketing director at Mondelez which owns Honey Maid had this to say:

“We recognize change is happening every day, from the way in which a family looks today to how a family interacts to the way it is portrayed in media. We at Honey Maid continue to evolve and expand our varieties to provide delicious, wholesome products so they can be a part of everyday moments of connection in a world with changing, evolving family dynamics.”

Well, clearly Honey Maid enjoyed the response they saw from the 2014 round of “This is wholesome,” and so they bring us this new ad introducing “GoBites.”

From Honey Maid: “In our 2015 anthem spot we recognize wholesome modern day families of all types. Because no matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will.”

Anti-gay Steve Malzberg: Honey Maid can love on the gays but you’ll incur my wrath

NewsMax’s Steve Malzberg is not happy that Honey Maid responded to anti-gay criticism by taking the hate mail and turning them all into a paper sculpture of the word “Love.”

Watching this, it’s interesting that Malzberg is under the impression that only gays like the positive message coming from Honey Maid. Someone might want to clue him in that a LOT of folks, gay or straight, like a message of inclusiveness.

“I’m all choked up, not really,” Malzberg sneered, adding that he was upset about positive news coverage of Honey Maid’s ad.

“I don’t know how wholesome it is, it’s a company decision and now they are going to have to live with it. If they’re looking to appeal to the 5 percent of the population that’s gay, good for them, but you do so possibly at the expense of some of the other 95 percent of the population and incurring their wrath.”

(via Right Wing Watch)

Honey Maid: Love

Honey Maid recently launched a new ad campaign that included ALL kinds of families. A beautiful message, well done.

But some folks didn’t like the inclusiveness of the ads. I posted just today about the American Decency Association complaining about the commercials.  Haters got to hate.

Usually, when certain folks disagree with a company’s campaign, the company will tend to ignore the ugly, waiting for the nasty to die down.

However, the shiny happy people over at Honey Maid decided to take the opportunity to address the hate and make an even bolder statement.

I think this is great.

Honey Maid for the win.

(h/t JMG)