One In Three Americans Under-30 Say They Are Not 100% Heterosexual

A new survey from YouGov shows 29% of young Americans under age 18-29 cop to having at least some amount of bisexuality in them.

Following on from a similar study in the UK, YouGov asked people to place themselves on the sexuality scale.

Overall 78% of Americans say that they are completely heterosexual while 4% say that they are completely homosexual.

16% of American adults say that they fall somewhere in between. In this group the bulk (10%) say that they are more heterosexual than homosexual while 3% put themselves in the middle and another 3% say that they are predominantly homosexual.

While 80% of all Americans say that they are completely heterosexual or homosexual, only 66% of under-30s say the same.

29% of under-30s put themselves somewhere on the category of bisexuality.

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The Heterosexuality Experiment

Intrepid YouTube contributor Joseph Costello has posted what he calls his “heterosexuality experiment.”

Roaming the streets of Austin, Texas, Costello asks  folks if they would vote for a “an admitted heterosexual president.”

It turns out a lot of homophobes don’t even know the meaning of the word “heterosexual.”

What a surprise…