#RampGate & #TrumpIsUnwell Trending On Twitter

Donald Trump loves to mock former Vice President Joe Biden saying Joe is ‘not well,’ or frail or some such nonsense.

Which is why Trump’s slow, awkward exit from giving a commencement speech at West Point yesterday is getting attention.

#RampGate is currently trending on the Twitterverse. #TrumpIsUnwell and #TRUMPstroke were also among the hashtags trending on Twitter.

Trump Cancels Campaign Events With No Explanation

Donald Trump’s Communication’s guy, Jason Miller, shares the news that Sean Hannity’s show has, basically, become an unofficial arm of the Trump campaign.

“Today, Mr. Trump is in Texas for two large fundraisers and then he will be taping an important town hall on border security and crimes committed by illegal aliens that will air nationally over two nights on Fox News’ Hannity.”

“Over two nights on Fox News’ Hannity???”

Meanwhile, the Trumpster has cancelled other events scheduled for this week with no explanation.

#ManyPeopleAreSaying there’s a health issue involved. Not me, of course, but many people.

Many people…