Haters Screaming For A Veto In Indiana Over RFRA “Fix”

The haters are losing their minds over the proposed “fix” for the Indiana state “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” because it deprives them of their true goal – which was to discriminate against LGBT folks.

From Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage (via email):

Stung by a furor of false accusations against the Indiana Religious Liberty Restoration Act, some Republican legislators are proposing to “fix” the law by stripping it of any chance to protect people of faith against being forced by law to participate in same-sex ‘marriage’ ceremonies that violate their deeply held religious beliefs. Worse, they are rewarding gay activists and celebrities like Miley Cyrus who intentionally and massively mischaracterized the legislation passed last week with expanded “anti-discrimination” provisions that will be used as a club by these same activists to punish people of faith for supporting biblical principles in the way they live their lives.

Russell Moore, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, recently tweeted: “This Indiana ‘compromise’ is a train wreck. It should be voted down.” This “fix” legislation must be defeated! It is like paying ransom to a kidnapper — a complete abandonment of principle in the face of political pressure from those bent on redefining marriage and imposing a radical agenda on the country. Please sign this petition immediately so that Governor Mike Pence and top Republican legislators realize that we will not stand for this abandonment of people of faith in order to reward the radical left who have grossly mischaracterized the Religious Liberty Restoration Act.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (via press release):

“On the eve of Good Friday, Big Business is encouraging elected leaders to take the silver over religious freedom.

“This new proposal guts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and empowers the government to impose punishing fines on people for following their beliefs about marriage. Religious freedom should not be held hostage by Big Business. Big Business is now putting religious freedom in a worse place than before RFRA was signed into law.

“Gutting RFRA in this manner would put people of faith in the crosshairs of government discrimination as never before. Far from being a ‘clarification,’ this would gut religious freedom in Indiana. Religious freedom doesn’t need a ‘fix.’

“This proposal would force religious businesses and even nonprofits deemed ‘not religious enough’ to participate in wedding ceremonies contrary to their owners’ beliefs.

“If the government punishes people for living their faith, there are no limits to what government can control. We urge the governor to veto this measure that will be used by the government to bring financial ruin on people like florist Barronelle Stutzman, bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein, and wedding photographer Elaine Huguenin.”

Haters Share Rage Over SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Decisions

• Tony Perkins of the American Family Association:

“Led by activist in chief, Stephen Reinhardt, the three-judge panel scrapped the marriage laws of two more states just 24 hours after the Supreme Court left voters vulnerable to the benches’ attacks.

“Reinhardt is one of the most overturned judges in U.S. history, whose portfolio includes striking down the Pledge of Allegiance because it ‘indoctrinates our nation’s children with a state-held religious belief.’

“Yesterday’s opinion, however, is one of the most vicious yet. Reinhardt rips into the majority of Americans who believe children deserve (and need) a mom and a dad. ‘This proposition,’ (which incidentally, is rooted in years of social science data), ‘reflects a crass and callous view of parental love and the parental bond,’ Reinhardt rants, ‘that is not worthy of response.’ How typically liberal.

“Instead of encouraging debate, he shuts it down. Like most on the Left, he wants to attack the majority who hold these views and silence them because he knows the facts aren’t on his side.”

• Linda Harvey writing for BarbWire:

“The liberal majority in the 2014 Roberts court will now be labeled with the ‘C’ word—for being cowards. These justices upended American civilization while standing on the sidelines. Millions of voters in five states were assaulted in the public square, disenfranchised by this court’s decision to not overturn erroneous lower court rulings validating same sex ‘marriage.’

“Like Saul during the stoning of Stephen, they became bystanders, nodding their assent as terrible violence was committed. The ‘gay’ bullies got their way. Truth and morality were trampled but the black-robed bystanders will plead innocence. But let’s not just pick on certain lawyers because they do operate with some powerful constraints at times.

“What’s needed and totally possible is a firm stand by the GOP, no longer adopting the loaded lingo of the left, like denying being ‘anti-gay,’ which makes me want to scream.”

• Spokesman for the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown:

“Right now I think folks who look at this issue and think that NOM or any of the groups out there supporting the traditional definition of marriage, that we’re the Goliath, and the pro-gay marriage Human Rights Campaign is the David — they’ve got the story in reverse. They are one organization among a whole platter of organizations like Freedom to Marry, GLAAD and all of these other groups that have almost unlimited access to the media and get their talking points across largely for free.

“But for us, it’s a lot more difficult and we’re up against a much bigger hurdle. I actually sort of relish that. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s easier or harder or whether we have less money or more money. The real question is: are we standing up for the truth in marriage? And I’ve never had any question about that.”

Anti-gay Mat Staver is Mad He’s Been Labeled “Anti-Gay”

Mat Staver, speaking at the Values Voter Summit this weekend, expressed his deep hurt he feels that he has somehow been labeled an “anti-gay extremist.”

Just because he campaigns against equal rights for LGBT people. Just for that, he’s called a “hater.”

It’s exactly the hate that he does propagate that resulted in civil rights groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and People For The American Way writing a joint letter to the Republican National Committee asking the GOP members to not take part in the weekend’s hate summit.

Isn’t that awful? (Sarcasm intended).

From Right Wing Watch:

Staver’s organization, Liberty Counsel, is among those very sponsors and he is not very happy about being labeled an anti-gay extremist, despite this long and documented record of being one. Staver fumed that he is being attacked merely for believing “in God’s natural created order of male and and female and marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

“For me believing in something that is that obvious,” he complained, “I am considered by some groups to be a hater. But I hate no one. I hate no one, but I believe in God’s truth and I will not be silent in the face of intimidation.”

In an effort to prove that he is not an extremist, Staver then went on to liken himself to Jesus when he turned over the tables of the money changers in the temple before declaring that marriage equality teaches that children do not need mothers or fathers.

Anti-gay haters face off with a drag queen at Spokane Pride

Anti-gay “Christians” found they could not stay at home with a beautiful gay pride event happening in Spokane.

Why these folks make such an effort to make signs, bring their children, and travel to where a pride event is just to disrupt is beyond me.

And no, I don’t for a minute believe it’s because the haters “love” us and have our best interests at heart. I think they just don’t like anyone who’s different.


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