Streep, Close, Bening & Alda Read From ‘Trumpty Dumpty Wanted A Crown’

Academy Award winner Meryl Streep

Alan Alda, Annette Bening, Meryl Streep, and Glenn Close offer a reading from Trumpty Dumpty Wanted A Crown by film star John Lithgow.

From the YouTube page:

John Lithgow presents a 21-episode video series based on the poetry in his book, TRUMPTY DUMPTY WANTED A CROWN: Verses for a Despotic Age—starring 19 luminaries from the acting, literary, and political spheres.

Covering Trump’s impeachment, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and much more, Lithgow’s new book arrives at a time when we need it most. With the 2020 election looming, it’s important to remember all of the atrocities of the past four years—and to do everything we can to prevent more.

As Lithgow says, “I wrote this book to make you laugh, to make you mad, and to make you remember… and maybe also to make you vote.”

Don’t Miss ‘The Great Work Begins: Scenes From Angels In America’

(image via amFAR)

Don’t miss the all-star benefit performance of The Great Work Begins: Scenes from Angels in America which premieres tonight, October 8,  in support of amfAR’s Fund to Fight COVID-19.

This free 60-minute livestream also features an introduction by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Tony Kushner that contextualizes COVID-19 in relation to the early days of the AIDS epidemic.  This special event marks amfAR’s historic first foray into Broadway.

Among the theater luminaries taking part in the event are Glenn Close, Laura Linney, Patti LuPone, S. Epatha Merkerson, Andrew Rannells, Daphne Rubin-Vega and many more. Shot during the coronavirus pandemic, high-level technology has been used to place the actors in scenes with each other even though filmed separately.

The performance begins at 8:30 PM ET on’s YouTube. While free to watch, donations are encourage with proceeds going to the amfAR Fund to Fight COVID-19.

For more info, click over to

News Round-Up: March 4, 2019

• InstaHunk Jared Techau has the right idea for cold, rainy nights in Los Angeles. #metime #mood #candles
(image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

• InstaHunk Jared Techau has the right idea for cold, rainy nights in Los Angeles. #metime #mood #candles

• A man convicted of the murder of a gay man in Alabama in 1999 has been stabbed to death in prison.

• Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) has expressed support for the federal legalization of marijuana as he considers a potential presidential bid in 2020.

• A man and his friend were kicked out of an Uber in Sydney, Australia after his friend kissed him on the forehead during the car ride.

• Journalist Michael Musto spoke with an Academy Award voter who has an idea how Glenn Close lost her Oscar this year.

• The Fab Five are back! Netflix just dropped the trailer for Season 3 of Queer Eye which includes the show’s first duo and first lesbian makeovers.

The new season will also tackle issues like alcoholism, identity crises and more.

Season 3 drops on March 15. Watch the trailer below.

Seven-Time Oscar Nominee Glenn Close Prepares For Her ‘Sunset Boulevard’ Close-Up

The film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Sunset Boulevard, will star Glenn Close re-creating her Tony-winning performance.
Glenn Close in ‘Sunset Boulevard’ (photo: Joan Marcus)

The film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Sunset Boulevard, will star Glenn Close re-creating her Tony-winning performance.

Tony Award-winner Rob Ashford (Thoroughly Modern Millie) will make his feature film directorial debut with the movie musical, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

From Playbill:

Close starred in the original 1994 Broadway production of Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard, earning a Tony for her work as faded silent-screen star Norma Desmond, as well as the acclaimed 2017 revival. The prospective project was first reported in January 2016, prior to Close taking on the Hollywood star once more at the London Coliseum before a Broadway bow at the Palace Theatre. At the time, co-lyricist and book writer Christopher Hampton hoped shooting would begin while Close was still in London.

It had been over 20 years since Close opened the original Broadway production, but the seven-time Oscar nominee used the years away from Norma Desmond to find a new window into the character.

“I’m not saying I’m getting better, but I am saying that I do have more experience,” Close told Playbill as she discussed returning to the role first seen in the 1950 Wilder film. “With more knowledge of myself and experiences I’ve had and heartbreaks I’ve had and enduring as I have—theoretically, an actor should only get better because our bodies and our minds and hearts are the material with which we build characters.”

Filming is expected to begin in Fall 2019. No other casting has been reported.

Glenn Close Stops SUNSET BOULEVARD Over Audience Member Taking Photos

My good friend, T. Oliver Reid, currently in the Broadway revival of Sunset Boulevard, reports today that the divine Miss Glenn Close stopped the show when an audience member kept taking photos.

“And then Glenn…Miss Close if you’re nasty, stops her show-stopping song and says to the person taking photos, “That is very invasive…we can either have a show or a photo shoot.” #Scene