Furry Goodness: Brians And Crop Tops And Bears – Oh My!

PA state Rep. Brian Sims and Bear
PA state Rep. Brian Sims and Bear
PA state Rep. Brian Sims and Bear (via Instagram)

What could be better for ‘Furry Friday’ than a bear in a crop top?

Out Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims recently reversed his opinion about pets in clothes when he posted a pic on Instagram of his adorbs doggo Temper wearing a t-shirt from his campaign store.

“I WAS WRONG: I recently expressed misgivings about pets in clothes, and I was wrong,” admitted bearded Brian. “Clearly Bears in crop tops are the Moment!”

He added the hashtag #Sims4Pa along with a link to his online store as the 42-year-old lawmaker is running for Lieutenant Governor of the Keystone state.

To be honest, both ‘bears’ in the photo are pretty cute.

I’ve been a fan of Sims for a long time because, basically, what’s not to like?

He became the first out lawmaker elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2012, and he’s been loud and proud about LGBTQ issues as well as the BLM movement and women’s equality.

Plus, he’s not shy about expressing himself whether it’s regarding coronavirus recklessness by his colleagues, flipping the bird at former Vice President Mike Pence, or boldly discussing his use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

Head over to his official campaign site for more info about Sims. And while you’re there check out his campaign merch where you can find Bear’s pink & white crop top or this ‘I Believe in Trans Excellence’ t-shirt:

And then there’s Temper, who’s a regular feature (hashtag #BearAttack) on his Instagram. Here’s just a sample of the furry goodness.

News Round-Up: March 19, 2021

Some news items you might have missed:

Human Rights Campaign: New polling conducted by HRC and Hart Research Associates shows an overwhelming 70% of voters support the Equality Act. That support spans across all ages, races, religions, and political parties. And yet, Senate Republicans strenuously oppose the bill.

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Kenneth-in-the-212: Check out Kenneth’s weekly round-up of the what’s what in LGBTQ publications including Florida’s Hotspots Magazine (below) featuring their 2021 Sex Survey.

The cover of Hotspots Magazine

Pink News: The newly crowned Miss Silver State USA, Kataluna Enriquez, will be the first trans woman of color to compete in the Miss Nevada USA pageant – and if she wins, could go on to Miss USA.

Instinct Magazine: A Russian man pulled off a rather inexplicable stunt while bungee jumping in Russia – with the cord attached to the piercings on his bum.

AP News: Former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach club has been partially closed because of a COVID outbreak. A receptionist at the Mar-a-Lago club confirmed the news, saying it was closed until further notice, but declined to comment further.

News Round-Up: February 19, 2021

New scintillating ad from DSquared2
New scintillating ad from DSquared2
(screen capture via DSquared2)

Some news items you might have missed:

Instinct Magazine: The acclaimed indie film, Ma Belle, My Beauty, a queer polyamorous love story that was embraced by critics when it debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, has scored a distribution deal.

AP News: A federal judge has dismissed a discrimination lawsuit by a transgender fire chief due to a technical flaw with the initial complaint she filed with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Rachel Mosby led a rural Georgia city’s fire department for more than a decade, then got fired 18 months after first coming to work as a woman.

DSquared2: Model Malik Delgaty (top image) puts on a private show in this provocative one minute spot for the brand’s Stripped2 underwear line. “What happens in the Secret Room will remain at the Secret Room.”

BosGuy: It’s ‘Furry Friday’ at the Boston-based LGBTQ blog and this week’s hottie ticks the “fur” and “ginger” boxes 🙂

HuffPost: Six Capitol Police officers have been suspended with pay and 29 others are under investigation for their alleged roles in the riot last month. According to Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), one of the suspended officers took a selfie with a person who was part of the mob that overtook the Capitol. Another wore a “Make America Great Again” hat and appeared to direct rioters around the building.

New York Post: Wait – Sen. Ted Cruz’s Mexico vacation blunder gets even worse. After telling reporters his home, like many Texans, had lost water and heat – he apparently left the family poodle Snowflake behind in the cold.

News Round-Up: February 12, 2021

Josh O'Connor & Alec Secareanu in God's Own Country
Josh O'Connor & Alec Secareanu in God's Own Country
Josh O’Connor & Alec Secareanu in God’s Own Country (promo photo)

Some news items you might have missed:

OMG Blog: Whether you’re alone or with company this Valentine’s Day, lockdown means that you might be looking for some queer cinema love stories. So the eye-candy site has rounded up a list of V-day-appropriate gay movies for your pleasure including one of my favorites, God’s Own Country (above). Warning – NSFW/nudity.

Kenneth-in-the-212: Check out Kenneth’s round-up of the what’s what in LGBTQ publications this week including QSaltLake’s cover story on the public shaming over maskless circuit parties.

Qsaltlake Magazine cover

Stonewall Gazette: The veteran LGBTQ blog has returned to the interwebs! Make sure you click over to check out all the content over at Stonewall Gazette.

NBC News: The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has announced 16 nominees for its 2021 class of inductees. The ultimate inductees for the 36th annual class will be announced in May, with honors set for the fall.

The 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees
The 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees

Jerusalem Post: A UN report released this week on widespread human rights violations in Iran contains “reports that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children were subjected to electric shocks and the administration of hormones and strong psychoactive medications.” In other words, the dangerous practice of so-called ‘conversion therapy.’

The Advocate: Friends Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo’s Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar is a silly, fun love story about friendship out this weekend.

Instinct Magazine: Dolly Parton has announced she will (finally) guest-star on the upcoming season of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie with former 9 to 5 co-stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.

BosGuy: It’s Furry Friday over at the Boston-based LGBTQ blog and this week features the oh-so-woofy and talented Craig Ramsay. More at the link.


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Furry Friday: Ben Cohen

We haven’t seen much of LGBT ally and rugby icon Ben Cohen in some time. Long time readers know Ben frequently adorned the pages of The Randy Report, especially as he was launching his anti-bullying StandUp Foundation.

Ben announced he wasn’t doing his annual calendar this year as he felt his body wasn’t up to the visual.

I’m certain it was, and is 🙂

But let’s celebrate a little Furry Friday with this gif from a couple of years ago.

(h/t kenneth in the 212)