Designer Nate Berkus Takes High Road After Attack By Derick Duggar

Jeremiah Brent (L), daughter Poppy and Nate Berkus (R)
(Image via Twitter)

Out interior designer Nate Berkus’ and his partner Jeremiah Brent have a new show on TLC called Nate & Jeremiah By Design.

In only three episodes, the telegenic couple has already developed a wide audience.

But after the cable network shared a photo of Nate and Jeremiah with their daughter Poppy, former TLC personality Derick Duggar (remember the Duggars???) had a big problem calling them “a travesty” and lamenting the “perversions” being exposed to their child.

However, Nate responded on Twitter, taking the high road:

The next episode of Nate & Jeremiah By Design airs tonight at 9:00 PM EST on TLC.

TLC To Revive “19 Kids & Counting” In Spite Of Scandalous History

Here’s some news you probably thought you’d never read.

TLC is reviving it’s once hit show “19 Kids & Counting” in spite of the Duggar family’s wide-spread scandals last year which included hiring prostitutes, infidelity and child molestation.

Via the Christian Post:

The stars of the series recently suffered through some scandals when it was revealed that Joshua Duggar took part in, a website that serves as an online dating site for married men. With the family known as devout Christians, the news of Joshua’s infidelity led to the show’s cancellation.

According to Variety, the executive vice president of TLC, Nancy Daniels, recently shared some details about how the series coped with the scandals. She stated, “Every decision we’ve made has been done very thoughtfully and very carefully about what is in the best interests of the people involved and the network. Our first priority is making sure that there’s a health and well-being of our families first and foremost. We feature stories of different families with real people and real things happen.”

Fans are still interested in learning more about the rest of the family and how the scandal had affected them. With that, TLC released several episodes of “Jill & Jessa: Counting On,” which showed the sisters coping with the scandal’s aftermath.

After seeing the success of the short series, it was announced that TLC will be bringing back “19 Kids & Counting” to the small screen.

Throughout the show, the family was presented as the pristine, perfect “Christian” family. The picture was complete with episodes of campaigning against LGBT rights and what eventually was revealed to be hypocritical behavior.

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LAW & ORDER: SVU Shares Trailer For Upcoming Duggar-based Episode

NBC has released a short teaser for the upcoming Law & Order: SVU episode based on the Duggar family’s recent scandal.

The episode will feature Broadway favorites Chris Sieber and Andy Karl. Here’s the clip description:

Law and Order “Patrimonial Burden” – The SVU investigates an unraveling web of secrets when the virtuous 13 year-old daughter of a famous reality TV family discovers she’s pregnant. Starring Mariska Hargitay (Lt. Benson), Ice T (Det. Tutuola), Kelli Giddish (Det. Rollins) and Peter Scanavino (Det. Carisi). Guest starring Andy Karl (Sgt. Mike Dodds), Ryan Devlin (Pastor Eldon), Geneva Carr (Pam Baker), Christopher Sieber (Frank Baker), Victoria Leigh (Lane Baker) and Chris Elliott (Pete Matthews).

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News Round-Up: September 9, 2015

Some news stories you may have missed:

• Talk about a queen with staying power – Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest reigning monarch in United Kingdom history.

• A year after a repeal campaign led by the infamous Duggar family overturned LGBT protections in Fayetteville, Arkansas, a special election held last night passed an new (although flawed) version of the ordinance 53%-47%.

• Mike Huckabee admits he blocked Sen. Ted Cruz from appearing at the Kim Davis rally.

• Edging up to Donald Trump in the polls, retired surgeon Dr. Ben Carson questions Donald Trump’s “faith.” Smart move or torpedo?

• Caitlyn Jenner is still lukewarm on the idea of marriage equality.

• Rogue county clerk Kim Davis received fan mail while cooling her heels in the hoosegow. I’m sure she’s hoping for lots of checks in those envelopes since her crowd-sourcing campaign has stalled BIG TIME.

More Duggar Scandal – Josh Duggar Had Secret Facebook Page

According to RadarOnline, there’s still more in the Josh Duggar sex scandal closet.

Now, it appears that in addition to his Ashley Madison accounts and admitting to being “unfaithful” to his wife, RadarOnline has found a secret Facebook page attributed to Josh Duggar where he follows and is “friends” with lingerie models and strippers.

Josh admitted to signing up for cheaters website Ashley Madison with the email address, and there is a Facebook account registered to that address under the name Joe Smithson.

According to the profile, “Smithson” was posting on the site as far back as 2004 — four years before Josh married Anna.

“Smithson” is friends with 32 women, mostly attractive and young, and from the area of Arkansas where he lived before leaving for a political career in Washington, DC.

He’s also a follower of a dancer at Sensations Gentleman’s Club in Arkansas, a lingerie model, and a curvy blonde blogger.

According to the profile, Smithson was active on the site as recently as January 2014, one year after Duggar began working with the Family Research Council.

Duggan Family ‘Heartbroken’ Over Cancellation Of “19 Kids And Counting”

According to, the Duggar family is “heartbroken” their TV series on TLC has been canceled.

The source says the evangelical Christian family, who often discussed their religious faith on their TLC show, is “heartbroken that they’ve now lost that platform.”

“The Duggars want to return to TV because they truly believe it was part of God’s plan for them to spread the word about their faith,” the source says.

“I think Jim Bob and Michelle honestly did expect people to just move on from this,” the source adds. “Their thinking is, they put this behind them ages ago, so why wouldn’t the rest of the world?”

I’m certain the money and fame had nothing to do with wanting to be back on TV.

I guess the family thinks it’s unfair that after you’ve positioned yourselves as ‘morally superior’ for ten years, the world won’t let you forget that your son touched your daughters and others in “inappropriate” ways.

Department of Human Services Called Police Over Concern For Minor At Duggar Home

In Touch Weekly, which broke the Duggar family scandal, advanced that there would “more” to come regarding the “19 Kids and Counting” clan, and it’s arrived.

According to the tabloid, the police were recently called in when a representative from the Department of Human Services was denied access to see a particular minor when notified via emergency call.

The Duggars made no mention of the fact that they have been under investigation again, but In Touch discovered what they are hiding via another Freedom of Information Act request that produced the 911 call.

After identifying himself as a Washington Country DHS employee and stating the Duggar family address, the caller tells the 911 operator, “We have an investigation and I guess they’re not being cooperative. We have to see the child to make sure the child is all right. So we just need police assistance.”

DHS records are not available to the public so it is unknown what prompted the investigation. Experts tell In Touch that an investigation can be triggered by a hotline complaint, even an anonymous one, if the trained operator determines the allegation is serious enough that it meets standards for child abuse maltreatment laws.

And on and on it goes…

News Round-Up: June 6, 2015

GOP presidential nominee Mike Huckabee (L) and Josh Duggar

Some news stories you may have missed:

• GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee gave a full-throated endorsement of Josh Duggar and his Duggar family when the current child molestation scandal broke. The day after the parent’s Fox News interview, the endorsement on Huckbee’s website disappeared.

• The U. S. Air Force eases their policy regarding transgender service

• 70,000 Scruff members share their Pride plans around the world. Guess which city is most excited about celebrating Pride?

• Haters petition the Olympics to revoke Caitlyn Jenner’s Olympic medals. The Olympics denies the request in succinct fashion.

• Senate Republicans vote against gay and lesbian vets’ access to spousal benefits that all other married veterans have.

• Legendary impersonator Jim Bailey passed away this week at the age of 77. Watch the clip below from an appearance on The Carol Burnett Show – what an amazing talent.

Duggar Sisters On Molestation Scandal: It Was Just Mild Touching Mostly While The Girls Were Asleep

Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald spoke to Megyn Kelly of Fox News last night regarding the ongoing scandal surrounding their brother Josh Duggar, who sexually abused the two of them (and three other girls) back when Josh was a teenager.

The long and short of the appearance is the sisters say Josh Duggar’s behavior wasn’t all that bad because it was just “mild inappropriate touching on fully clothed victims; most of it while girls were sleeping.”

And they totally forgive him.

Jill Dillard:

“I think in the case of what Josh did, it was very wrong. I’m not going to justify anything he did or say it was okay or permissible. But I do want to speak up in his defense against people who are calling him a child molester or pedophile or rapists. That is so overboard and a lie really. People get mad at me for saying that, but I can say this. I was one of the victims. I can speak out and set the record straight here.”

Jessa Seewald:

“I was one of the victims so I can speak out.”

“In Josh’s case, he was a boy, young boy in puberty, and a little too curious about girls and that got him into some trouble. And he made some bad choices, but really the extent of it was mild inappropriate touching on fully clothed victims. Most of it while girls were sleeping.”

“MOST of it?” So some of it was while someone WASN’T sleeping?

Most teenagers look at a Playboy, watch porn or make out with a girl when they are “curious.”

Watch the interview below:

Duggar Sisters’ Bedroom Doors Were Locked To Prevent Repeat “Incidents” Of “Touching”

Tonight Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard, two of Josh Duggar’s sisters who he has admitted to touching inappropriately while they slept, tell Megyn Kelly of Fox News that after the incidents their parents began a policy of locking bedroom doors out of fear the “touching” would occur again.

Also, the kids were told they could not be left alone with one another.

All in all, though, the sisters defend their brother. According to a transcript of tonight’s interview, Seewald downplays the entire issue, saying, “I’m like, that is so overboard and a lie really. People get mad at me for saying that, but I can say this because I was one of the victims.”

The second part of Megyn Kelly’s interviews with the Duggars airs tonight at 9pm.

Meanwhile, In Touch Weekly has addressed many of the twists, turns and contortions Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar made in their “interview” with Megyn Kelly. Including the fact that the police report that began this whole debacle was NOT illegally released.

It turns out it wasn’t filed until after Josh Duggar was over 18, meaning it did not have to be sealed. The names of the victims were redacted as they were underage, but the file was not sealed. The report was obtained via a legal request through the Freedom of Information Act.

It all just keeps getting more and more sordid.

More at Buzzfeed.