Video: Vice-President Dick Cheney “Wrong Then, Wrong Now”

As former Vice-President Cheney continues the rounds of interviews opposing the Iran Nuclear agreement (which gained it’s 42nd vote of support in the Senate yesterday assuring it’s passage), the White House shares this trip on the way-back machine to remind us of how exactly Iran came to even approach being a nuclear threat.

Here’s a hint: Before the Bush/Cheney years, Iran had zero centrifuges. As Bush/Cheney left office, Iran had 5,000.

From the White House YouTube channel:

Vice President Dick Cheney opposes the Iran nuclear deal. If his reasoning sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve heard it from him before on the Iraq war.

FOX News Megyn Kelly to Dick Cheney: You got it wrong on Iraq

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney went on FOX News with Megyn Kelly to try to promote their new nonprofit organization, Alliance for a Strong America.

But Kelly wasn’t having any of it. After introducing Cheney “the man who helped lead us into Iraq in the first place,” she quoted his recent Wall Street Journal op-ed where he blamed President Obama for all things Iraq. “Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many,” they wrote.

And then she said, “Time and time again, history has proven that you got it wrong as well in Iraq, sir.”

Watch the exchange below.

(via Talking Points Memo)

Rachel Maddow chats on The Daily Show about new documentary “Why We Did It”

Rachel Maddow stopped by The Daily Show to chat on her new documentary Why We Did It on MSNBC.

Of course, Maddow’s detractors will hate it, but I’ve always thought it odd that after all those years in Iraq, and the lives lost and injured, so many conservative hawks never want to own up to the fact that the reasons we were at war kept changing. And our goals kept changing.

Remember “weapons of mass destruction?” None found. Remember “shock and awe?” It was going to be over in a matter of days. The Iraqis won’t know what hit them. We’ll be welcomed as liberators. The oil in Iraq will pay for the war.

None of that was true. And no one ever stepped up and said “we screwed up.”

If you care about America, surely these questions would concern you. As would the absence of answers.

Rachel Maddow’s documentary is available online here.

Bipartisan political figures band together to support marriage equality

This is a BIG deal.

The Respect For Marriage Coalition will today launch a national print and television campaign in support of marriage equality. The coalition is made up of several progressive and LGBT groups like Freedom To Marry and the Human Rights Campaign.

The TV ad features a bipartisan group of political figures like former First Lady Laura Bush, former Secretary of Defense Colin Powell, former Vice President Dick Cheney and, finally, President Barack Obama.  All showing their support for marriage equality.

In addition, a full-page print ad (below) will appear in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post in the next few days.

THE VIEW: Dick Cheney on gay marriage

Get to the 1:30 mark. Saying he supports a federal law allowing marriage equality, Mr. Cheney basically says “I think freedom means freedom for everybody.”

And he’s correct on that subject.

Ultimately, I think this just goes to my ongoing point that society evolves, as the Cheneys have evolved on this issue.

Colin Powell not happy with Dick Cheney’s “tabloid” headlines

In an appearance on CBS’ Face The Nation, Former Secretary of State Colin Powell made it clear he wasn’t thrilled with the way Former VP Dick Cheney has been hyping his new book “In My Time.”

Referring to the language Cheney has used of late – which he predicted will have “heads exploding all over Washington” – Powell said That’s “the kind of headline you might see [on] one of the supermarket tabloids.” He added “it’s not the kind of headline I would have expected to come from a former Vice President of the United States of America”

Via In a withering criticism of the former vice president, Powell goes on at length and in detail to explain how the “cheap shots” Cheney aims at Powell and “other administration officials” are false, and how Cheney is himself to blame for much of it. “I’m the one who said to President Bush, [about Iraq] that if you break it, you own it,” Powell said, but “Mr. Cheney and many of his colleagues did not prepare for what happened after the fall of Baghdad.” On the Valerie Plame scandal, Powell says “White House operatives,” especially those “on Mr. Cheney’s staff,” did not fully cooperate in the FBI’s investigation and were not “forthcoming.” Powell also addresses his 2004 resignation, his speech the United Nations about the Iraq war, and other accusations Cheney makes about Powell in the book.

Powell said Cheney also unfairly attacks former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former CIA chief George Tenet, and even President Bush himself. “It’s not necessary to take these kind of barbs and then try to pump a book up by saying ‘heads will be exploding,’” Powell says, noting Cheney’s comments go beyond mere disagreements are personal in nature.

This isn’t the first time Powell and Cheney have publicly feuded. Powell’s former chief of staff once referred to Cheney as “evil,” and Cheney has said he agreed with Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell after the Powell criticized the Limbaugh’s divisive rhetoric.