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My contribution to moving on from holiday music 🙂

Left Bear is delightfully disengaged. And then, there’s Right Bear. Grrrrr….

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15.02.2015 13:13Posted by Uwe Nikolaus on Sunday, February 15, 2015

unCUT featuring Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy

Social media star and hair stylist Kyle Krieger chats with out Olympian Gus Kenworthy in this episode of unCUT about recently coming out of the closet, being the first in action sports to do so.

Kyle questions hunky Gus about boys, Miley, winning a silver medal, and more!

Favorite memory? Standing on the medal podium at Sochi Olympics with two other Americans for a sweep (he won silver) of his event.

Cut or uncut? “I’m uncut. I was born in the UK.” (The show IS called unCUT don’t you know…)

They also do a little word association game.

Sex? “Lube.”

Bronze? “Ewww.”

Silver? “Fox. Like Anderson Cooper.”

I want to interview Gus for The Randy Report. Like, now 🙂

Cute Straight Vlogger Quizzes Dad On Gay Vocabulary

Cute, straight vlogger and LGBT ally Chris Thompson, aka SupDaily06, shares a new video to YouTube where he quizzes his dad on more-or-less common gay terminology.

The 21 question quiz covers everything from bears, cubs, wolves, topping, bottoming, throwing shade and basket shopping.

Dad does quite well, and with a very good nature about the whole proceedings.

Meet Instagram’s Favorite Gay Couple – Nick & Justin

Gay.net shares the uber-popularity of Justin Moore and Nick Grant, Instagram’s favorite gay couple.

What started out as a simple Instagram scrapbook for Justin Moore and Nick Grant has become an international sensation (with a recent profile in Tétu magazine).

They have had reactions that range from hate mail to sex invites to emotional thanks for simply being open about who they are. Even in these post–marriage equality decision days, being openly gay can still be considered activism.

Check out just a few of the pics shared by the boys, then head over to their Instagram page and start following the handsome guys.

Short Film: “One Minute Time Machine”

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of time travel. Haven’t you ever wished you could jump back in time? Even just one minute ago?

Every time the beautiful Regina rejects his advances, James pushes a red button and tries again, all the while unaware of the reality and consequences of his actions.

Directed by Devon Avery. Selected for the Sploid Short Film Festival, a celebration of coolest short films and the filmmakers that make them.

(h/t JMG)