NYC Set To Repeal Conversion Therapy Ban

Back in 2017, the New York City Council passed a law which bans so-called ‘conversion therapy’ for everyone within its jurisdiction.

Now, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson (who is gay) has announced he will introduce a bill to repeal the law.


The legal maneuver comes as the virulently anti-LGBTQ law firm Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a lawsuit challenging the ban.

LGBTQ advocates fear the case could possibly be used to take such prohibitions all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court which has taken a more conservative bent since Donald Trump has put two right-leaning justices in place since taking office.

If the haters were to win at SCOTUS, conversion therapy bans across the country could be at risk of being struck down.

That said, LGBTQ minors in New York City will still be protected by the separate statewide ban that was passed earlier this year by the New York State Legislature.

The City Council’s law was seen as more vulnerable to a court challenge because it was broader than others in effect, including the statewide ban.

LGBTQ advocates say repealing the NYC measure will allow them to focus less on defending the law in court and more on expanding protections against conversion therapy in other states.

News Round-Up: July 1, 2019

“And what your name is…?”

Some news items you might have missed:

• Don’t know who today’s hottie (above) is, but sure wish I did… #woof #DaddyDefined

NewNowNext: A survey of Pride Month media coverage shows LGBTQ reports don’t even come close to making up at least the 4.5% that we do in the population.

NY Daily News: City Council Speaker Corey Johnson announced $19M in new LGBT programs for his city.

• The Hill: The prediction model that accurately predicted Democratic gains in the House four months before the 2018 midterm elections says President Trump will lose Electoral College 278-197 in 2020.

Gallup Polling: U.S. adults greatly overestimate the American gay population – most guess 23.6% of Americans are gay or lesbian when most reliable reports say 4.5% of Americans are LGBT.

• Donald Trump boasted about having “new Sherman tanks” for his upcoming commandeering of the July 4th celebration in Washington, D.C.

Btw – the last Sherman tank was made in 1945, and haven’t been in service since 1957.

News Round-Up: February 20, 2019

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Some news items you might have missed:

• I might be a little obsessed with this handsome face. InstaHunk Steve_In_LA is pretty easy on the eyes as well 😉

• New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson has called for feds to ‘break the patent’ on Truvada, which is commonly prescribed as PrEP. Since the federal government helped fund the research for the drug, it has the right to break the patent and allow other companies to produce a generic version. PrEP has been shown to be 99% effective in protecting against HIV infection when used on a daily basis.

• The Republican-controlled Indiana Senate has voted to scrap all protected characteristics, including gender identity, race and sexual orientation, from a proposed hate crime bill. Indiana is one of only five states with no hate crime law in place.

• A lesbian couple in Indiana were refused service by their tax preparer, Nancy Fivecoate, because they were married. Fivecoate says she has gay clients, but she can’t work for gay married clients. What do taxes have to do with religious beliefs?

• 18-time Grand Slam winner Martina Navratilova has been removed from the advisory board of pro-LGBTQ sports organization Athlete Ally for her recent anti-transgender remarks. The tennis champ says its ‘cheating’ to let trans women compete in women’s sports.

• As he was recovering from a life-shaking breakup, out singer/songwriter Kisos penned (in real time) his upcoming EP, sweet nothings, featuring one track for each of the 5 stages of grief.

The lead single, “Happily Ever After,” is a bouncy electro-pop bop with the handsome artist deep in denial, using delusion as poisoned motivation to better himself and survive the pain of seeing his ex with someone new.

Hit the play button below and enjoy! “Happily Ever After” is available now – click here.

Podcast: US Winter Olympic Team Has Its 1st Out Athlete; Trump’s Homophobic Judicial Nominees; Out Actor Alan Cumming To Star In New CBS Drama “Instinct”

In this week’s podcast:

• The U.S. Winter Olympic team has it’s first openly gay athlete with figure skater Adam Rippon

• Illinois’ ban on the so-called ‘gay panic’ defense has gone into effect

• NYC has its first openly gay and HIV+ City Council Speaker, Corey Johnson

• Newly-elected Alabama Sen. Doug Jones’ hottie gay son served up serious side-eye at his dad’s swearing-in, and the internet loved it

• Another judicial nominee from Donald Trump is severely homophobic – what a shock!

• Ground-breaking TV series “The Fosters” will come to an end after this season

• Alan Cumming will make history starring in a new CBS drama this season

All that and more on this episode of The Randy Report

News Round-Up: December 21, 2017

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Some news items you might have missed:

• Today’s Sexy Santa is Simon Dunn, rugby player and the first openly gay bobsleigh athlete to represent Australia, where they celebrate Christmas with “lots of seafood, beer and spend the day at the beach with family.”

• Some TV viewers have complained that drag queens were invited to join singer Jessie J in a performance of “Bang Bang” on the finale of NBC’s The Voice. In related news, drag queen RuPaul has won 2 Emmy Awards as “Best Host of Reality TV.” #GetWithItPeople

• It looks like openly gay New York City Councilman Corey Johnson will be the next City Council speaker. Johnson has also been open about his HIV+ status since 2013. When I lived in NYC he represented my neighborhood. Congrats Corey!

• According to Lambda Legal, nearly one-third of Donald Trump’s judicial nominees are overtly hostile towards LGBT rights. #QuelSurprise

• has made a list of the 25 Queerest Cities in America. Do you live in one? Check the list here.

• Attorney General Jeff Sessions has opened an inquiry into the 2010 Uranium One deal that Republicans have railed about regarding Hillary Clinton’s involvement. The State Department was one of nine agencies that agreed to approve the deal at the time after finding no threat to U.S. national security.

• New pop music from platinum-selling BØRNS – “I Want You Back” from his upcoming sophomore album, Blue Madonna, due out January 12, 2018.

The Associated Press called his 2015 debut album, Dopamine, “some of the most heartfelt electronic-based music in recent memory,” while Spin noted that BØRNS “writes brilliant pop songs that worm their way into your heart in an instant.”

Listen to the chill, EDM groove below.