Chaz Bono Talks To Oprah About Body Dysphoria And His Transformational Weight Loss

In an upcoming appearance on Oprah: Where are They Now?, transgender trailblazer Chaz Bono talks about his difficulties in losing weight and having a healthy view of himself before transitioning in 2009.

From People:

“I would have never been able to do it before [transitioning],” Bono, 45, tells Oprah Winfrey. “I was too disconnected from my body, and the dysphoria that I had with my body was too much to be able to have cared enough to anything like that.”

Bono adds his body dysphoria made it hard for him to treat his body well.

The Dancing with the Stars alum has been steadily losing weight over the past few years after making a public mission to drop at least 50 lbs. in 2012. In fact, he’s done even better, dropping an impressive 75 lbs.

Before sitting down with Winfrey, 62, for the interview, Bono looked at old photos with one of the show’s producers. Unlike previous guests, however, this trip down memory lane wasn’t all that fun.

“For most transgender people, we don’t really like to see pictures of us before transitioning because life was really hard beforehand,” he explains. “They’re generally not happy memories.”

Bono, who transitioned from a woman to a man in 2009, explains to Winfrey that those pictures remind him of a time when he was unhappy because he wasn’t really being himself.

“It doesn’t, you know, bring back fun nostalgia. You just are reminded of the pain you were,” the actor says.

The episode airs this Saturday. Watch the advance clip below:

Los Angeles: Chaz Bono Debuts In First Major Dramatic Role In “Proof”

Chaz Bono in Proof for the Noisy Nest Theatre Company
(photo: Amanda Bird)

Showing no fear of new hills to climb, Chaz Bono appears in his first major dramatic stage role as “Robert” in the David Auburn play Proof for the Noisy Nest Theatre Company in Los Angeles through April 12th.

David Auburn’s Tony Award-winning play Proof tells the story of Catherine, who has spent the past years of her life caring for her father, Robert. Robert has not only passed down his aptitude for mathematics, but may have also passed down a form of mental instability.

Upon her Robert’s death, Catherine faces a journey beyond grief. She, alongside her estranged sister Claire and her father’s former pupil, Hal, aim to find value and answers in the mathematician’s 103 notebooks.

Bono has spent years studying acting, telling People Magazine, “People don’t think of me as a trained actor. This is really all I’ve been doing lately, trying to get out there and get seen by people – one person at a time.”

The play runs from March 20th to April 12th at the Lounge Theatres at 6201 Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles. Performances are 8PM on Fridays and Saturdays, and 2PM on Sundays.

Purchase tickets online here.
$25 General Admission
$15 Students

Ketel One Walk of Change at the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Hudson Taylor

While attending the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards, celebrities and supporters stopped by the Ketel One Vodka “Walk of Change” to make their mark and for every handprint left, Ketel One donated $1000 to GLAAD.

Participants included Hudson Taylor, Trevor Donovan, Wendie Malick, Chaz Bono, GLEE’s Max Adler and many more.

Just a few notes from the evening:

• Dancing with the Stars alumnus,Chaz Bono, attended the GLAAD Media Awards to graciously accept the Stephen F. Kolzak award. Surprise guest, Cher arrived right before the award and was beaming with pride as she presented her son with the notable honor.

• Always popular, Betty White was greeted with a roaring applause from the event’s audience. The Hot in Cleveland star, who arrived fashionably late, dined with her cast members, Wendy Malik and Jane Leeves, and toasted to their GLAAD Media Award.

Hunger Games star, Josh Hutcherson, accepted the Van Guard Award at the Los Angeles GLAAD Media Awards. The young actor, who was greeted with a bear hug from Benecio Del Toro, came to support the LGBT community and noted that the cause was close to his heart.

• Glee stars Max Adler and Grant Gustin showed there support for the LGBT community and gave back to GLAAD leaving their handprints in the Ketel One Walk of Change.

• Not surprisingly dressed in their best, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, arrived in full-length gowns to strut their stuff on the red carpet. To many attendees’ disappointment, Jiggy was not in attendance.

Check out the pics below, plus more here.

Trevor Donovan
Wendie Malick
Chaz Bono
Max Adler
Col. Victor Fehrenbach

Cher to attend Dancing With The Stars taping next week

Cher says she plans to attend next week’s taping of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars to support son Chaz Bono and dance partner Lacey Schwimmer

The superstar sent a tweet saying, “God hope Chaz hangs on till next week so I can come sit in the Audience & Watch.”

“She’s always proud of him. She’s very vocal about that,” Schwimmer added.

“Every night after I dance [she] and I talk,” Bono says. “Last week when I was injured she sent different people to work on me.”

Cher calls in to ELLEN to defend Chaz Bono on DWTS

During Chaz’ appearance on ELLEN, Cher calls in to tell haters to back off her child. (Sorry about commercial).

Cher – “I don’t know that I would have any magic words that could make (them) feel more comfortable, and to soothe (them) into not being terrified of my child dancing on Dancing with the f*cking Stars.”

Go Cher.

Stephanopoulos questions Chaz Bono – GMA: Dancing, Cher, Agenda…

Bless Chaz Bono. He handles this interview so well.

I’m personally thrilled to see a transgendered person take on the spotlight of “Dancing With The Stars” and handle it with so much aplomb. I’m not a regular viewer of the show, but I’ll definitely be watching and supporting Chaz.

I will admit I’m a bit chagrined by George Stephanopoulos’ question regarding Cher defending her child – “Where’s this coming from?” -SRSLY?

George – someone attacks a mother’s child, what do you think she’s going to do?

Is this hard?

Very disappointed in Stephanopoulos. Not his best moment.