Monday Music: Carly Simon ‘Let The River Run’

Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe winner Carly Simon
Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe winner Carly Simon
Pop music legend Carly Simon (photo: Heidi Wild Photography via Facebook)

Happy Monday, folks!

First featured in the 1988 film Working Girl, “Let the River Run” was written and recorded by pop music legend Carly Simon.

The song scored an Academy Award for Best Original Song as well as the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song. The song also earned Simon the Grammy Award for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television.

Let the river run, Let all the dreamers wake the nation
Come, the New Jerusalem
Silver cities rise, The morning lights the streets that lead them
And sirens call them on with a song

Song of the day: “Coming Around Again”

This song, one of my favorites, came on this morning in my “getting ready for rehearsal” music shuffle.

Carly Simon wrote the song for her album of the same name that served as something of a comeback in 1987.

The lyrics felt especially appropriate as I revisit and stage A Chorus Line here at Sacramento Music Circus. This version of A Chorus Line, day by day, is becoming a new thing – deconstructed, as we keep referring to it. The original intent, but with a new shape, form and flavor.

Getting out of your head, getting away from what you’ve always done can lead to finding that an old friend still has a resonant message, years later.

“I know nothing stays the same, but if you’re willing to play the game, it’s coming around again.”