‘Frozen 2’ Breaks Box Office Records Worldwide

Wow. Disney’s Frozen 2, like the original, broke all kinds of records at the box office during its first week in release including biggest worldwide opening for an animated film (37 markets), the top international opening of all time for an animated film ($350 million), and biggest domestic November opening for an animated film ($130 million).

From Yahoo News:

The long-awaited Frozen 2 has landed in cinemas, a full six years after the first movie became the biggest animated film of all time. And thanks to a sterling turnout worldwide over the weekend, Frozen 2 has already nabbed some records of its own.

Making just over $350 million worldwide overall, it makes it the biggest ever global opening for an animated movie, though its domestic US figure fell just behind that of Incredibles 2.

This means that it’s putting Disney on track for six billion dollar movies this year, alongside Aladdin, Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Toy Story 4 and The Lion King. It’s the first studio to ever reach such a box office landmark.

‘Avengers Endgame’ Breaks Box Office Records With Over $1.2 Billion In Opening Weekend

Marvels' Avengers Endgame isn't just chock full of super heroes on screen. The final chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was super-powered at the box office as well taking in a whopping $1.2 billion in ticket sales worldwide in its opening weekend.

Marvels’ Avengers Endgame isn’t just chock full of super heroes on screen. The final chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was super-powered at the box office as well taking in a whopping $1.2 billion in ticket sales worldwide in its opening weekend.

The film banked $60 million on its first day in U.S. theaters this past Thursday.

For the weekend, the super-hero adventure film is estimated to rake in over $350 million in the U.S., which makes it the first movie to rack up over $300 million in an opening weekend.

The movie had the biggest Friday ever – with $156.7, as well as the biggest Saturday and Sunday, as well.

The fans weren’t just hyped up for the nearly-three hour finale. Critics were bullish on the film as well, which accounts for Avengers Endgame rating a 96 on Rotten Tomatoes.


Marvel’s “Black Panther” Shatters Box-Office Records

Marvel’s Black Panther racked up an enormous $192 million for its three-day debut in North America this weekend becoming the fifth biggest opening of all time.

From CNN:

The opening for the film starring Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan did not just shatter expectations, it broke multiple box office records too.

It blew away the record for the largest opening for an African-American director. That belonged to F. Gary Gray and “The Fate of the Furious,” which opened to $98 million last April.

Disney estimates that the film will bring in $218 million domestically for the four day holiday weekend. The film brought in an opening of $361 million around the world.

“Black Panther” also shattered the record for an opening in February, which belonged to “Deadpool,” the R-rated superhero film from 20th Century Fox that brought in $132 million when it opened in 2016.

It is the second biggest opening for a Marvel Studios film, behind 2012’s “The Avengers.”

The super-hero/action flick is Marvel’s first film directed by an African-American.

Watch the trailer below.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Tops Box Office For 2017

On the last day of 2017, Disney-Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” crossed the $1 billion threshold in worldwide grosses becoming the best-selling movie of 2017.

The top five films in terms of U.S. box office gross for 2017:

1. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” – $517.1 million

2. “Beauty and the Beast” – $504 million

3. “Wonder Woman” – $412.6 million

4. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2” – $389 million

5. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” – $334 million

Stonewall Movie Falls Flat At The Box Office

After suffering wide-spread criticism for “white-washing” the actual events of the Stonewall riots, the film Stonewall took in a paltry $112K for the weekend.

Critics were especially outraged that the film depicted a fictional, white, middle-class “straight-acting” male as the protagonist who threw the first brick at the historic event.

It’s been well-documented that trans women of color were at the forefront of the fight that night back in 1969 in New York City.

Director Roland Emmerich said in interviews he thought a “straight-acting” male lead (as opposed to transgender women or drag queens) would be more relatable for a movie going audience.

Instead, of getting a Selma, what the LGBT community got in terms of a historic event was more of a soap opera, toned down soap opera.

One commenter, responding to the trailer, wrote, “This ‘Danny’ is fictional. The first people to pick up a brick and riot were transwomen of colour and other queers of colour, not some small town corn fed white boy.”

Reviews were universally negative.

Vanity Fair critic Richard Lawson called the film “terribly offensive, and offensively terrible.”

The New York Times review said “except for its identification of actual police officers, ‘Stonewall’ doesn’t bother to distinguish among facts, fiction and urban legend.”

The Los Angeles Times said that “the proceedings can seem less like a fresh retelling of a seminal story and more like, despite stabs at grit and terror, a theatricalized, dewy-eyed version of days past.”


Magic Mike XXL Grosses $27 Million In Opening Weekend

The Channing Tatum-led Magic Mike XXL look to land at the #4 position at the box office this weekend, behind Inside Out, Jurassic World and Terminator: Genisys.

From Variety.com:

Warner’s stripper sequel “Magic Mike XXL” wound up with $27 million at 3,355 sites for the five days, with a 96% female audience. Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer reprised their roles from the 2012 sleeper hit. Performance was front-loaded with $15 million in its first two days but with a budget of just $14.8 million, “Magic Mike XXL” is already in the black for the studio.

The original “Magic Mike” opened on the June 29-July 1 weekend three years ago with a stunning $39.1 million on its way to a $113 million domestic total.

Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out smoked the competition even in it’s third week of release with over $45 million in domestic box office.

Jurassic World Breaks Box-Office Records In Opening Weekend

“Jurassic World” opened to a staggering $511.8 million worldwide; the first time a film has ever grossed more than $500 million in a single weekend.

The dinosaur thriller is the top-ranking film from sea to shining sea, after opening in first place in North America and across all 66 international territories where it debuted.

Domestically, “Jurassic World” scored the second-biggest debut in history with $204.8 million, nipping at the heels of “Marvel’s The Avengers’” $207.4 million bow. Its international weekend estimate also takes runner-up position on the all-time charts. The $307.2 million “Jurassic World” generated trails the $314 million racked up by “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.”

The fourth installment would be the most successful of the dino franchise. It comes over a decade after “Jurassic Park III” hit theaters and 22 years after Steven Spielberg’s original “Jurassic Park” launched.

(via Variety)

“Avengers: Age Of Ultron” Box Office Hits $84.5 Million Opening Day

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” – from Disney and Marvel Studios’ – notched the second-highest opening day domestic launch ever with $84.5 million at the box office.

The record holder for highest opening day box office is currently “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” with $91 million.

From Variety:

“Ultron” is projected to be neck-and-neck with the original “Avengers,” looking at a range of $200 million to $210 million for its opening weekend — even with Saturday’s sports distractions of the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight, the Kentucky Derby and the NBA playoffs.

If “Ultron” doesn’t break “The Avengers’” record, it will still finish far ahead of the launch weekend for Disney-Marvel’s “Iron Man 3,” currently the second-highest opening weekend with $174.1 million in May 2013.

“Fifty Shades Of Grey” Breaks February Box Office Records With $94.4 Million Debut

Jamie Dornan stars in the film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey”

The reviews may have been terrible, but the much-hyped “Fifty Shades Of Grey” movie adaptation shattered February box office records with a $94.4 million debut over the four-day holiday.

The previous record-holder for the month of February was $63.1 million set by “Valentine’s Day” in 2010.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” also earned nearly $160 million internationally through Sunday.

Making the deal even sweeter, the flick only cost Universal Pictures and Focus Features $40 million to make.

Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, “Fifty Shades of Grey” chronicles the story of a billionaire with a kinky side and the college student who falls for him.

The film was universally panned by critics, which just goes to show – sex sells.


“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” tops box office for third week

Chris Evans

My man Chris Evans’ latest movie – Captain America: The Winter Soldier – continued to top the box office this weekend as the Marvel super-hero flick added another $26.6 million to its current $201.5 million domestic total.

Rounding out the top 5 were:

2. Rio 2 – another $22.5 million for a $75.3 million total to date
3. Heaven Is For Real – $21.5 million
4. Johnny Depp sci-fi thriller Transcendence came in at $11.1 million
5. A Haunted House 2 starring Marlon Wayons and Jaime Pressley earned $9.1 million