Matthew Camp Covers Attitude Magazine “There’s Nothing Shameful About Sex”

Former go-go dancer turned social media influencer, hunky Matthew Camp covers the new issue of Attitude Magazine.

Camp first found his spotlight at the age of 21 in the New York City club scene as a go-go dancer.

From there he landed roles in indie movies like Getting Go: The Go Doc Project (loosely based on his life) and the experimental Sock Job which sent him into a new orbit.

Today, the 34-year-old social media star is utilizing his 550,000+ followers on Instagram to fuel his creative endeavors like designing his own fashion and fragrance line as well as pump up the volume about his OnlyFans account where he can share his own sexually-based content with fans for a monthly fee.

In December, Camp told me he was preparing a new video project that delves into a person’s sexual personality by exploring formative sexual experiences from their past.

The format will be a hybrid of documentary/experimental art film.

In the new issue of Attitude Magazine, Camp explains his own vision for how, what and where he shares himself to fans.

“I’d wanted to shoot sex videos for a while because I feel there’s this divide between art and sex,” he tells Attitude. “I don’t see them as different. They’re both an emotional expression.”

“I like the OnlyFans aspect because you can curate your own, and share them with people,” he adds.

“It’s important to document sex because there’s nothing wrong with it, there’s nothing shameful about it and there’s nothing crazy about it,” says the sex-positive advocate. “You should be able to watch sex as entertainment.”

The internet sensation also points out that, “Everyone’s body is a commodity – whether they realise it or not.”

“To me, there’s no difference between somebody standing behind a cash register for 10 hours a day and another person who has sex for 10 or 20 grand a month,” explains the California-born influencer. “Who’s having more fun?”

Raising the ‘pleasure principal,’ (if you will) Camp says, “It’s about life choices, and people being indoctrinated with guilt about enjoying their life.”

Check out Matthew’s full photo shoot and interview in the Attitude Body Issue, out now.

I interviewed Camp for my podcast not long ago where shared his thoughts on blurring the lines between sex and art. I found him to be a great interview.

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New NYC Subway Station To Feature Public Art Depicting Same-Sex Couple

After years and years of construction and delays, NYC’s 2nd Avenue subway will finally open on January 1. As with other subway stations throughout the city, the new stations will feature public art, with the 72nd line showcasing the work of Chuck Close, Vik Muniz, Jean Shin and Sarah Sze.

The 72nd street station will feature a mosaic mural by Vik Muniz called “Perfect Strangers” which depicts “the different people that riders are likely to encounter on their daily commutes” according to the AP, and among them is the above picture of a same-sex couple.

From the AP:

“It was like winning the lottery,” Thor Stockman, 60, said of finding out that he and his husband of 3 ½ years, Patrick Kellogg, were going to be part of artist Vik Muniz’s “Perfect Strangers,” a series of life-size mosaic portraits of everyday New Yorkers gracing the walls of the new subway station at 72nd Street. But “part of me wishes that it wasn’t a rarity, that it wasn’t remarkable.”

Muniz said it made sense to include the two men in a project intended to show the different people that riders are likely to encounter on their daily commutes.

“They are just people you would expect to see,” Muniz, who divides his time between New York and Brazil, said in phone interview from Rio de Janeiro. “You would expect to see men holding hands.”

Jonathan David Katz, an expert in queer art history, said he could find no other example of a permanent, non-political LGBTQ public artwork in New York City. He mentioned George Segal’s “Gay Liberation Monument” near Stonewall Inn, the site of the 1969 riots that launched the gay rights movement. But that work, featuring two men standing and two women sitting, is expressly commemorative of a political moment.

Berlin: Artist Engages Men On Grindr Projected On Giant LED Screen For Public View

Dutch gay artist Dries Verhoeven is currently in the middle of a three week “live art installation” called Wanna Play? wherein he is engaging men on the dating app Grindr and projecting the conversations on a huge LED wall in a German storefront for the world to watch.

He is doing so without informing the men that the public can see the interactions.

Not surprisingly, many of the men are very upset.

Via Gay Star News:

Parker Tilghman is one of the men furious over the art show. When he started chatting to Verhoeven, they traded pictures and chatted for awhile before he was asked whether he was interested in shaving the artist’s beard.

‘Given the odd nature of our conversation I comically asked, “are you going to murder me?” to which he responded, “no, but i’m afraid you might be the one to murder me.”

When Tilghman went to the address the artist gave him, standing on the corner of Marienenstrasse, he saw his Grindr chat out there for everyone to see.

‘Someone involved in the project confronted me and I shouted at him louder than I have ever shouted in my life. The entire block stopped, at one point they started clapping. I screamed, “How dare you?

‘”You are violating peoples lives, you are publicly mocking people and projecting the pictures and words onto a screen that an entire city block in one of the busiest parts of Kreuzberg for everyone to see.

‘”What you are doing is unethical….At no point did you have my consent or notify me that you would be doing anything of the sort. You cannot exploit people like this for your bullshit hipster Berlin art world crap.”‘

The live-stream of the project is here, but it looks like the screen is not currently projecting conversations.

Word has gotten around about the little “social experiment.” As such, some of Verhoeven’s conversations go like this:

(via JMG)

Finland to issue “Tom of Finland” stamp

JoeMyGod shares the news that this September, Finland’s postal service will honor the art of famed gay artist Tom Of Finland with the issuance of three stamps.

Via FinnBay:

Itella is owned by the state of Finland, providing postal, logistics and e-commerce services in Finland.

Tom of Finland or Touko Laaksonen (8 May 1920 – 7 November 1991) is one of the most popular Finnish artists in Finland, who focused on drawing stylized homoerotic fetish art. He produced over 3,500 illustrations, mostly featuring men with exaggerated primary and secondary sex traits with tight or partially removed clothing.

“His emphatically masculine homoerotic drawings have attained iconic status in their genre and had an influence on, for instance, pop culture and fashion. In his works, Tom of Finland utilized the self-irony and humor typical of subcultures,” says Itella.

Nell Carter – “Back In The High Life”

When I was on national tour with A Chorus Line in Los Angeles, I was invited to the taping of this TV special, and I can only say I wish everyone could have witnessed the power and glory of this amazing performance live, in person.

This is really what being a diva is about: channelling, delivering, “being” at the top of your game.

I simply can’t watch this just once. I just can’t. From about 1:45 on, it’s a visceral, gut-driven performance. Few performers get to a level where they can be so “on point” and access this deep an emotional life in a song.

This is art. This is power. This is reaching people.

Nell is missed. We need more like her. There will never be another like her.