Viral Video: Unhinged In Alaska

Unhinged in Alaska (screen captures)

What in the hell is wrong with this man?

The video clip below went viral thanks to the crazy-ass man ranting at employees at a Walmart in Alaska about being asked to wear a face mask.

At the beginning of the clip, the loon is yelling, “Get back on your highway to hell and get out of a godly man’s face.”

“By your very blind ignorance, you don’t have the ability to even come up with your own fucking ideas,” he adds.

In the background, you can hear folks asking him to leave, to which he responds, “I will leave when I choose.”

Another choice tidbit from the clearly deranged covidiot, “Please, return to your service of Satan and your ignorant belief in your rights.”

When he gets within inches of an employee and yells in her face, I really began to wonder: even if he doesn’t TOUCH her, isn’t there some crime in getting up in a person’s face and screaming at them? Do these employees – following corporate and public health protocol – not have ANY recourse in dealing with these belligerent people?

Major props to the female manager who exhibited incredible self-control offering a repeated “Have a nice day” to the idiot. She is a true QUEEN.

Walmart – give this woman a raise.

News Round-Up: August 27, 2020

L-R Michael Caprio, Matt Zarley, Chad Quintero, Randy Slovacek, Greg Chase

Some news items you might have missed:

TBT: Remembering sunsets at our pool (above) when we could actually have a group of folks over for summertime cocktails in our Olivia Newton-John cups. Ah, good times…

The Advocate: The city of Anchorage has become the first in Alaska to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy’ for minors. This makes Alaska the 40th state where some jurisdiction has taken action against the harmful practice.

New York Times: More than 100 former staff members for Senator John McCain are supporting former Vice President Joe Biden in a show of support across the political divide. The list of signatories includes a range of people — from chiefs of staff in Mr. McCain’s Senate office to junior aides on his campaigns — who worked for him over his 35 years in Congress and during two presidential bids. Republican Voters Against Trump also released this ad today in McCain’s home state of Arizona.

OUT: A bodybuilding gay couple in Malta were brutally slain in their home on August 18. Police are looking for three persons captured on security cameras leaving the residence, as well as a suspected driver in an awaiting vehicle.

JoeMyGod: After GoFundMe canceled a crowdfunding campaign for legal costs for accused 17-year-old murderer Kyle Rittenhouse, ‘Christian’ crowdfunding site GiveSendGo raised over $59,000 in the first few hours.

ABC News: Cocky North Carolina congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn, 25, got it wrong during his four-minute speech during the Republican National Convention last night when he boasted the accomplishments of other youthful politicians in history, like James Madison, who he mistakenly announced signed the Declaration of Independence.

“If you don’t think young people can change the world, then you just don’t know American history. George Washington was 21 when he received his first military commission. Abe Lincoln, 22 when he first ran for office. And my personal favorite: James Madison was just 25 years old when he signed the Declaration of Independence.” Today, Cawthorn says he was just testing the fact-checkers.

What’s A Moose To Do With Record Heat In Alaska?

This moose was just chilling under a sprinkler after sprinkler hopping from yard to yard before finally settling down for a good soak

With record heat happening in Alaska, what’s a moose to do?

Via YouTube:

“Alaska is dealing with a record heat wave right now and everyone is doing what they can to stay cool. Even the wildlife.

“This moose was just chilling under a sprinkler after sprinkler hopping from yard to yard before finally settling down for a good soak.

“High temperatures will continue to take a run at 90 degrees. Normal temps this time of a year in anchorage are in the mid 60’s.”

(h/t Towleroad)

News Round-Up: March 1, 2019

Pietro Boselli (image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

• If anyone was ever born to wear a white Speedo, it’s Pietro Boselli (above).

• Drag series Canada’s a Drag will return for a second season.

• Mike Pence says he couldn’t be more proud of his wife teaching at an anti-LGBTQ school.

• The mayor of Fairbanks, Alaska, vetoed legislation that would have protected LGBTQ people from discrimination.

• If you wanted to see this year’s ‘Hottest Chorus Boys on Broadway,’ you could click here for a peek.

• Meghan Markle and Prince Harry plan to raise their child in a gender-neutral nursery and environment.

• The Jonas Brothers dropped their first new music in six years at midnight last night – “Sucker.”

The first round of Jonas fame was a bit too young/teeny bopper for me, but now that the guys have grown up (and so well, may I add?) I’m happy to give them a peek.

The good news is the new track is a catchy pop bop that’s easy to listen to, and the video is fun with the guys and their wives/significant others playing house in a huge Edwardian mansion.

They’ve taken some plot points from the recently Oscar-nominated The Favourite, but I’m not getting bogged down in that while Nick, Joe and Kevin offer such ‘easy on the eyes’ candy.

Take a look below.

Alaska: Organization Sues To Deny Shelter To Trans Women In Freezing Temperatues

Virulently anti-LGBTQ legal group, Alliance Defending Freedom, is representing a ‘Christian’ women’s shelter that is suing to deny transgender women shelter from the freezing winter cold.
(image via Depositphotos)

Virulently anti-LGBTQ legal group, Alliance Defending Freedom, is representing a ‘Christian’ women’s shelter that is suing to deny transgender women shelter from the freezing winter cold.

The conservative law firm, which represented Colorado baker Jack Phillips in his fight to deny services to gay people, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the ironically named Downtown Hope Center against the city of Anchorage, Alaska, to deny services to transgender women.

The issue arises from an incident that occurred in January 2018, when a transgender woman was turned away from the shelter, according to local news station KTUU.

Downtown Hope Center says the woman, identified in court papers as “Jessie Doe,” was denied shelter because she was allegedly inebriated. The shelter claims she was put into a taxi and sent to a hospital for treatment for a cut on her forehead.

But the same woman showed up the next day and again was turned away.

The average temperature in Anchorage at night during January is 9 degrees.

In September 2015, the Anchorage Assembly passed AO-09, a city ordinance which bans discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

The ordinance added protections to Anchorage’s equal rights laws for gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people in housing, employment and public accommodations and includes exemptions for religious groups and those with ministerial duties.

In a press release, ADF asserts the ordinance exempts homeless shelters like the Hope Center. ADF attorney Ryan Tucker told U.S. District Judge Sharon Gleason that the homeless women in the shelter would “rather sleep in the woods” than spend a night in a shelter with a transgender woman.

In a further slap to trans women, the ADF also says that because many of the women at the shelter have been battered or sexually abused by men, they shouldn’t have to sleep in proximity to ‘men.’ ADF calls the idea of trans women sleeping in the shelter ‘dangerous.’

But the Southern Poverty Law Center disagrees.

“There is simply no evidence that transgender people are more of a threat to anyone whether that be in bathrooms, locker rooms or homeless shelters,” David Dinielli, Deputy Legal Director for the Southern Poverty Law Center, told KTUU. “In fact we know transgender people are among the most, if not the most likely to be targeted for abuse, sexual abuse and physical abuse.”

It’s worth noting that the Hope Center receives some of its operating funds from public tax payer monies via a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The ADF, which has represented so-called ‘religious freedoms’ lawsuits in more than a dozen states, has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group which works to push trans people “back into the shadows.”

Podcast: “Will & Grace” Finale; New Documentary On The Life Of Sir Ian McKellen “Playing The Part;” MGM Resorts Releases Gender-Flipped Love Songs

In this week’s podcast:

• MGM Resorts released a new collection of wedding songs for LGBTs from Kesha, Bob Dylan and more.

• The finale of Will & Grace aired this week with some surprise couplings.

• A new documentary of the life and legacy of Sir Ian McKellen – Playing The Part.

• Natti Vogel’s new music video “Brown Rice” starring Matthew Wilkas explores the pressures of Instagram fame

• Maryland’s state legislature moves closer to banning so-called “conversion therapy.”

• Anchorage, Alaska, says “no” to transgender discrimination.

All that and more on this episode of The Randy Report.

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I like to think of my newsmagazine podcast as “the 60 Minutes of gay news” – only shorter.

Alaska: Anchorage Voters Reject Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill

Voters in Anchorage, Alaska have rejected Proposition 1, an anti-transgender “bathroom bill” that would have forced folks to use bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding with their birth certificate gender.

From Anchorage Press:

No on Prop 1 took 53 percent of the votes with yes getting 46 percent.

This failure of the referendum to pass would mean that laws would retain the rights afforded to transgender people as passed in the Anchorage Assembly resolution of 2015.

Hurray for the good guys!

7.9 Earthquake In Gulf Of Alaska Triggers Tsunami Warnings

From CNN:

A magnitude-7.9 earthquake detected in the Gulf of Alaska has triggered tsunami warnings in Alaska and tsunami watches across several Western states.

A tsunami warning is in effect for southeast and south Alaska, including the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands, as well as British Columbia in Canada. A tsunami watch is in effect for California, Oregon and Washington, according to the Tsunami Warning Center.

Alaska Has It’s First Openly Gay Elected Officials

For the first time, Alaska has elected it’s first openly gay officials.

Yes – officials. Two.

Via Alaska Commons:

Christopher Constant [above], running against a prominent Democrat and three lesser known conservatives for the downtown seat being vacated by Flynn, won Tuesday with 52 percent of the vote. His closest competitor was David Dunsmore, a fellow Democrat, who mustered just 23.35 percent of the vote after the latter pursued a final week of negative campaigning, which evidently backfired.

Felix Rivera, also openly gay, is now too an Assembly member-elect, fending off three challengers while maintaining nearly 47 percent of the vote in midtown Anchorage. Rivera ran for the seat being vacated by Assembly Chair Elvi Gray-Jackson with her full support — as well as the support of current Vice-chair Dick Traini.

In the loser column, you’ll find the conservative gay who was revealed by Dan Savage last week.

The homocon lost to a progressive woman. #FTW!

(h/t JMG)

Updated: Democrats Caucus In Washington, Alaska & Hawaii



Three states will hold their presidential caucuses today – Washington, Alaska and Hawaii.

The caucus format has done very well for Sen. Bernie Sanders, so expectations are high that he could sweep all three contests. However, given that all delegates are awarded proportionally, I wouldn’t look for Sanders to close the delegate gap too much today, although I’m sure he will walk away with a net gain.

Clinton currently holds the lead in pledged delegates by about 303. Washington is the big prize today with 101 delegates; Alaska will award 16, and Hawaii 25.

In that these are caucuses, there has been little to no polling done for today.

Expectations are high in Hawaii for Sanders. One Clinton supporter told Politico regarding Clinton’s chances in Hawaii: “He’s going to crush us. He should win this thing 2-to-1 at least,” the aide said of Sanders prospects. “If we keep this below 65-35 I’d be shocked.”

Tuesday is Wisconsin’s turn to chime in on the presidential sweepstakes. The most recent poll shows former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading there by 6 points.

Then, after a couple of weeks off, the Dems return to the ballot box with contests in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California and New Jersey. Current polls show Clinton leading by sizeable numbers in all of those states.

But that can all change. We shall see.