I am the 99 percent – with cancer

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“I am an American.
I pay taxes.
I worked.
I was the guy who worked in his field for 20 years until the economy collapsed.
Then I was the guy who brought you your pizza.  You know, a job?  Not unemployment?

Then I got cancer.

Minimum wage and part-time insurance meant I needed Arizona’s welfare, AHCCS (Access), or I needed to gather my affairs.
Minimum wage meant I made too much money, according to Access, and I was denied Access.
Cancer solved the problem and removed my ability to work.
Access approved.

Despite what you’ve been told, the hospital will turn you away if you’re broke.
Despite what you’ve been told, churches and private institutions will not pay your medical expenses.

I was diagnosed April 1st, 2011 and had major surgery on May 12th.
I am still recovering from radiation and chemo treatments ended in August.
I am alive because I’m unemployed.

Does any of this make sense?

I am the 99%”