Survey: Trump Has Lost Support In Every State Since Inauguration

Bad news for Donald Trump in the latest Morning Consult survey which shows Trump’s approval rating has failed to improve in a single state since Inauguration Day. And that includes those states he won easily last November

Based on 472,032 interviews of registered voters across each state and Washington, D.C., over 8 months from January 20 to September 26, and the survey provides insight into how Trump’s approval has changed each month since Inauguration Day.

That’s a very large survey sample, not just a few thousand.

Just a few samples from the survey:

In states where Trump won by the thinnest of margins, his approval has dropped significantly. This should really concern Team Trump as there will be no reelection if this trend continues:

• Michigan: -22% net percentage point change
• Wisconsin: -18%
• Pennsylvania: -16%
• North Carolina: -18%
• Arizona: -26%

Where Trump’s approval has dropped most since January:

• Illinois: -30 net percentage point change
• New York: -30%
• District of Columbia: -29%

Where Trump is most popular:

• Wyoming: +26% net approval
• West Virginia: +24%
• Alabama: +23%

Where Trump is least popular:

• District of Columbia: -60% net approval
• Hawaii: -33%
• Massachusetts: -31%

Much more info including how Trump has fared in your states over at Morning Consult.

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