Survey: 14% Of Americans Have Had Sex In The Workplace

A new survey shows 14% of Americans have had sex at work

The New York Post recently reported on a new study shows that for those who do make a ‘love connection’ at work, a substantial number say they’ve done the deed at the office.

A survey of 2,000 Americans was commissioned by sex store EdenFantasys to explore the realities of romance in the workplace.

The results of the poll showed 14% of Americans admit to having sex at their place of employment.

Of those who engaged in office playtime, one in five revealed they were caught in the act.

More from the survey:

• 92% of those who engaged in an office romance said it made going to work more exciting

• Over half of the respondents said an office romance made them more ‘productive’

• One in ten admitted to having sex with their boss

• 34% of those folks say they did so to advance their career at work

• 17% of workplace romances cost someone their job

• 1 in 4 co-worker relationships end and result in awkward situations at work

• 60% of all workplace relationships end within 12 months

• However, there’s good news – 1 in 4 workplace romances end in marriage

• But 34% of workplace romances involve someone who’s already married or engaged

Let me know in the comments what you think? Have any of you shiny, happy people engaged in office playtime?

Yes, the photo above is from Sense8, but I wanted a pic of gays kissing and I like this one… 🙂