Surprise! Trump Exagerrates The Size Of His SOTU Viewership

Donald Trump

You could see this one coming a mile away.

This morning, Donald Trump tweeted this self-congratulatory missive: “Thank you for all of the nice compliments and reviews on the State of the Union speech. 45.6 million people watched, the highest number in history. @FoxNews beat every other Network, for the first time ever, with 11.7 million people tuning in. Delivered from the heart!”

But this turns out to be another game of “alternative facts” for the Trump administration.

Here are the stats for previous presidents giving their first SOTU addresses:

• Barack Obama: 48 million on 11 outlets in 2010
• George W. Bush: 52 million on 8 outlets in 2002
• Bill Clinton: 45.8 million on 4 outlets in 1994