Study Shows COVID-19 Vaccines Prevented 2.2 Million Deaths In US

Getting my second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine
Getting my 2nd Pfizer shot which has since been followed by 2 boosters

Because I believe in science – an updated report underscores the enormous impact COVID-19 vaccines made in preventing coronavirus deaths, hospitalizations and infections.

From ABC News:

The U.S. COVID-19 vaccine program is now estimated to have prevented 2.2 million deaths, 17 million hospitalizations and 66.1 million additional infections through March 2022, according to updated modeling from the Commonwealth Fund, an organization advocating for improved healthcare for marginalized communities.

In the analysis of recent trends, researchers estimated that the daily peak of deaths pre-omicron, and without vaccination, would have exceeded 24,000 per day, far surpassing the actual peak of 4,300 per day, experienced by the country during the winter of 2021.

The study goes on to note that without the COVID-19 vaccines, the recent omicron wave of the pandemic could have been much larger.

AND the associated health care costs could have soared to an additional $900 billion.

Read more at ABC News.

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