Study: DoxyPEP Effective In Preventing STIs After Unprotected Sex

Study: DoxyPEP Effective In Preventing STIs After Unprotected Sex
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It’s no secret that condom use among gay men has dropped in recent years with the development of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). PrEP is nearly 99% effective in preventing HIV infections.

But – it does nothing in regard to avoiding an STI such as gonorrhea or syphilis.

Enter DoxyPEP – short for Doxycycline Post-Exposure Prophylaxis.

A 2022 study involving 501 people found that when used within three days after unprotected sex, doxycycline reduces STIs significantly in gay men. Two-thirds of them were given doxycycline to take after sex while one-third were not provided with the drug.

Efficacy in HIV-negative participants was 66%, while efficacy in the participants with HIV was a bit lower, at 62%, but still highly significant.

However – medical experts have warned for decades to avoid overprescribing antibiotics. The concern is that overly frequent use of antibiotics could lead to developing resistance to these antibiotics.

It’s notable that a randomized study of cisgender women in Kenya found doxyPEP had no impact on their STD rates. The director of that study, Dr. Jenell Stewart, an infectious disease physician at the University of Minnesota, called the study’s results “very disappointing.”

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A French study, published in 2017, found doxyPEP dramatically cut syphilis and chlamydia infections, but did not affect gonorrhea.

Doctor Carlton Thomas, a comedic gay doctor who’s built up a sizable following on TikTok recently addressed doxyPEP:


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