Straight Vlogger Joe Santagato Takes On Marriage Equality Haters

Straight YouTuber Joe Santagato took on the marriage equality haters this week on his vlog.

“It’s not like you’re invited to the wedding. You’re not even going to know it happened. You’re not going to be there. So why do you care?” Santagato asks. “That’s the part I don’t get because people who are so against it go out of their way to be against it. They use their vacation days to take off of work so they can stand on the side of some fucking highway with a sign that says, ‘God hates fags.’ Like that’s going to do anything.”

Santagato also addressed the Texas pastor – Rick Scarborough – who had threatened to set himself on fire to stop marriage equality before retracting his statement after the SCOTUS ruling explaining he didn’t mean it literally.

Says Santagato, “You sound like a 5-year-old. No one is going to give a shit. Light yourself on fire. Have a ball.”

Watch the full episode below.