Steve Grand Serves Up Serious Holiday Romance – “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Okay, so hunky out singer/songwriter Steve Grand understands a little bit what we folk think would be a fun Christmas Eve.

Sixteen thousand views in an hour.

He gets us. He really gets us.

Check this romantical video version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” – and how about his hunky, beary merry Christmas bf?

The gorgeous guy with the beard/Associate Producer/Creative Assistance: Trevor LaPaglia – Instagram: OhhhTrev

From Steve:

Last Thursday, I decided it was time I do something holiday oriented for you guys. Two days later, this song was recorded and the video was shot, all thanks to the very talented group of people I pulled together (John, Trevor, and song producer Nicholas)

I really owe a special ‘Thank You’ to both John Lavin (director) and Trevor LaPaglia (the ‘boyfriend’) for both going well above and beyond the call of duty. We shot this in a day with almost no planning on a single day’s notice. I didn’t know when I asked him to do it, but Trevor is a talented director himself, so in addition to doing a beautiful job in front of the camera, he was there as an extra eye on the technical and creative end behind the camera. They both deserve way more than I could afford to pay them (understatement of the year), so they are truly stand-up guys for doing this, in addition to being incredibly creative and skilled.