Staging Sweet Charity – “Hey Big Spender”

As the adventure continues with staging SWEET CHARITY in Oklahoma City, today I spent time alone mapping out the mammoth “Rich Man’s Frug” by myself so I”ll be ready for it Friday with the company.

And I staged the iconic “Hey Big Spender” (video above from the Broadway production of FOSSE) with the ladies of the company. Got it done in two hours. They really rocked and rolled with it. Plus I have the fab Kathryn Murphy assisting (and playing the role of “Nickie”) who appeared on Broadway in FOSSE doing “Hey Big Spender.” So she was an invaluable help.

Tomorrow is “I’m A Brass Band” – yet another big number, this one featuring Charity and the men of the ensemble. I get three hours to stage that. While I’m doing that Ms. Murphy will spend time going over “Big Spender” with the ladies.

In the afternoon tomorrow, I start with some preliminary “Frug” material with a few people to knock out some bits before Friday.

Having a great time and the company is terrific. Having to move through the material very quickly though, and I’m someone who loves to explore and finesse and “play with” the numbers and there’s not much time for that. They have a phrase here – “tick tock summer stock” – meaning “the clock is ticking, we gotta move on.”

More later… 🙂