Staging Sweet Charity: “Big Spender” – sans bar

So, one last postscript to my journey staging “Sweet Charity” this summer…

Two days after the show opened, for some inexplicable reason, the ladies of the Fandango Ballroom – after oozing their sexy selves backwards downstage at the start of the iconic “Big Spender” number – turned to face the audience for their introductory lines and found no bar on which to pose. Nothing. For reasons unknown, the bar did not come out onstage.

So the ladies, on the fly (so to speak), had to improvise the poses on the bar. Many of those poses required a bar on which to pose.

Word came back to me about the mishap AND that the ladies did a terrific job of getting through the number.

However, the men of the ensemble decided to have some fun reenacting the event – with a few modifications you might guess.

The beginning of the video is funniest just in how each “dancer” turns to find no bar, and how it affected what pose they would take…

You might have to know SWEET CHARITY well to get this, but I think you will all get the gist.

Thanks men for the laugh.