Singer/Songwriter Leslie Ellis

I love that I can say I have such talented friends.

I met Leslie Ellis at the beginning of our careers when we were both cast in the National Touring company of CATS back in the day. Kids, this was back when CATS was a ‘good’ credit, as I like to joke.

Leslie was our amazing “Grizabella” who sang “Memory” every night to wildly screaming audiences across the country.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this incredible talent. Since then, she’s gone on to release her own albums, sung back up for some world-class artists like Celine Dion (Leslie is the voice that mirrors Celine on “My Heart Will Go On” which earned Leslie a Grammy Award for her work on the recording), and become a mainstay singer/song-writer in Nashville.

But wait – there’s more! Leslie has the most fantastic sense of humor. About life, about the industry, about everything… she makes me laugh so much. A simple, short email can send me into stitches with no warning. AND on top of it all, she’s gorgeous – which really isn’t fair.

I want to share some of her music with you today. The first is a song she wrote with one of her writing partners Robin Ruddy – “Let Me Be The Hero”. After the video link, go check out her performance on “We Came Close” which kills me every time, and then her amazing “Flyer Song” dedicated to our incredible US Naval Aviators. And then finally, a very cool new song with the Consoulers – “Love Is A Mystery.”

I invite you to sit back and enjoy. This is a world-class talent. This is it, kids. It really doesn’t get any better. I promise you you’re going to head out to buy all her music. Just remember I told you about her…

Leslie Ellis – “Let Me Be The Hero” from Randy Slovacek on Vimeo.

We Came Close I have to say, this song and Leslie’s performance knocks me out. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s having “come close” before I met my husband but it’s a real knock-down drag out “deal with reality” kind of song. The first time I heard it I had to play it about 12 times over and over. It’s THAT kind of song and performance. Get ready to hear your new “favorite” song.

The Flyer Song  I have the utmost respect for our armed forces. Leslie really captures a unique perspective to what it must be like for the spouses and partners of our US Naval Aviators. Anyone who loves a “flyer” can relate to this personal and powerful performance.

Love Is A Mystery – excellent new song from Leslie and Steve Williams from The Consoulers.

Makin’ The Best of A Broken Heart – this is pure, strong country. I defy you to listen and not smile.