Sexy PSA: “Don’t Hate The Player Or The Game”

Sexy PSA: “Don’t Hate The Player Or The Game”

Check out this sexy new PSA from medsEXPERT Pharmacy based in Toronto, Canada.

Featuring a handsome young urbanite named “Bradley,” the short vid follows his adventures before and after picking up his prescription for PrEP.

Taken on a regular basis, PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis), also marketed as under medication name Truvada, can reduce the risk of HIV infection by over 90%.

It certainly seems to set Bradley free.

Sexy PSA: “Don’t Hate The Player Or The Game”

Produced by Bulldog Productions and featuring Sofi Tukker’s “Awoo,” busy-boy Bradley’s social calendar gets turbo-charged once he’s in the PrEP swing of things.

“There is still a lot of stigma out there around the sex gay men have, it’s not always easy to find friendly or knowledgeable doctors and healthcare providers for LGBTQ+ folks,” Micheal Fanous, the owner and pharmacist at medsEXPERT told INMagazine. “Through this campaign, medsEXPERT wants to acknowledge the sex that men have and for all of us to be proud of who we are.”

The video ends with this message: “Don’t hate the player or the game itself. Take pride in your health!”

Oh – “And never apologize for who you are.” #duh

For more info about PrEP, click over to the Centers for Disease Control site.

Watch the sexy video below.