GOP State Senator Offered Teen Cash For “Sexual Stuff”

Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey

More details on the developing story of Donald Trump supporter Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey’s prostitution charges after being found in a motel with a teenage boy.

The state senator has been charged with soliciting a minor for prostitution, prostitution within 1000 feet of a church and transporting someone for prostitution.

From The Oklahoman:

Details about electronic communications between Shortey and the teenager were captured on the teenager’s Kindle tablet that was taken into evidence, police said.

The conversation started with the boy asking Shortey, “Is there anything I can help you do some cash?”

Shortey, using the screen name “Jamie Tilley,” responded: “How much you needing?”

“I need money for spring break,” the boy answered.

“Tilley” responded, “I don’t really have any legitimate things I need help right now. Would you be interested in ‘sexual’ stuff?”

Police were told the teenage boy had a history of drug abuse and “soliciting himself on Craigslist for sexual conduct.”

Police launched the investigation after being called by the boy’s father, who had been contacted by his son’s girlfriend.

She told police that her boyfriend had said he was “going to get paid tonight,” and she feared he might be “involved in illegal drugs.”

The girl told investigators she watched him get into a white Jeep Grand Cherokee with a man and she followed them to a Moore Super 8, where they went inside Room 120.

Officers reported smelling marijuana as they approached the room and knocked on the door.

Shortey was Donald Trump’s state campaign chairman during the GOP primary season.

According to the report, the teen and Shortey had been texting each other for over a year.

The Oklahoma state Senate voted unanimously to suspend almost all of Shortey’s privileges as a lawmaker including scraping his name off his office door and painting over his name at his parking space.

However, he can still vote on the floor of the Senate, and continues to draw his monthly salary of $3,200 plus benefits.