Sean Hannity Gets Schooled By Father Of McKinney Pool Teenager

Check out Fox News’ Sean Hannity trying to lay the blame for the recent McKinney pool party debacle on the teenagers at the event.

Hannity’s opinion of the video: “When I look at this video, when we slow down this video, the police officer did not pull out the gun on this girl in the bikini here. It was two young men…It seems as if they are provoking him.”

Officer Casebolt, who has already admitted he was out of control and apologized, had thrown an obviously unarmed fifteen-year-old to the ground with excessive force.

Hannity says that the officer was in danger from two boys, who were rushing to the aid of the young woman, and that the cop didn’t pull the gun out on the girl. But he gets his made-up narrative mixed up as first he claims the teenaged boys were coming from “behind him, seemingly provoking him,” then it turns into “coming up on the outside of him.”

Hannity’s guest, a father of one of the partygoers, takes issue with that: “We value the lives of both black boys and girls! What difference does it make if it was pointed at a girl or boy…he pointed a gun at an unarmed teenager. I don’t know any police regulation that allows you to pull your weapon out on unarmed children!”

It’s shocking that Hannity can’t see past his own prejudice to see that the officer acted irresponsibly and inappropriately, and that the act of pulling a gun out and manhandling children is somehow an acceptable thing to do.

I realize the vast majority of police officers would never handle a situation like this. Sad that this one officer made some many others’ job that much harder now.

Don’t miss the ending line from the dad. Priceless.