Sarah Palin still writing “crib notes” in the palm of her hand

Sarah Palin's palm reveals her crib notes to herself to be clever when speaking. Apparently, a seven word phrase is hard to remember...

In a throwback to classic Sarah Palin, the Associated Press photographed the former half-term governor of Alaska’s palm with a note to herself as she rallied in New Jersey on Saturday on behalf of Steve Lonegan in the special New Jersey Senate race going on right now:

“We need a leader not a tweeter… That was poem-worthy – I’ve got to remember that one,” she said in her stump speech for candidate Steve Lonegan at the New Egypt Speedway on Saturday.

Lonegan and Booker are running for U.S. Senate in a special election Wednesday to fill the vacancy created by the death of Frank Lautenberg. Palin apparently needed extra help remembering the seven-word rhyme she praised. An AP photographer snapped a picture of the palm of her hand, revealing the words “leader not tweeter” written with a red marker.

Palin made no mention of her own tweeting history and Lonegan’s recently fired strategist who said he had interpreted Booker’s tweets to be a revelation he might be gay. While Booker has 1.4 million followers, Palin has 977,000. Lonegan has 5,200.

In related news, Palin has shared her opinion that the polls are currently lying about Cory Booker’s 12 point lead in the polls.

We shall soon see.  The special election happens Wednesday.