Sarah Palin Quits Another Job

One year after it was first announced, Sarah Palin is quietly shutting down the subscription-based

Or rather, as she says in a new video posted this week, “We’re making all of my content free now!”

From Wonkette:

This July 4th, Sarah Palin celebrated America by announcing that she is quitting the Internet-teevee-channel grift, because quitting is what Sarah Palin does best.

In video and text announcements on the Sarah Palin Channel, Governor Quitterface declared that as of August 1, anyone can consume premium, previously paywalled Palin content, because Sarah Palin is getting rid of her paywall for freedom, and not because the Sarah Palin Channel was an economic failure, heavens no.

Palin’s video announcement tries to strike an upbeat tone, the way your folks did when they first told you that Fluffy would be living at a farm upstate, where he would have all sorts of room to run and chase chickens, doesn’t that sound fun for Fluffy.